Luyang district under the "double" military order: three years of new small and micro channel — the employment of 23 thousand people — Anhui October 14 Hefei Xinhua (Liu Tiantian Zhang) in the "start the national double week" on the occasion, the various counties of Hefei branch field also have bright strokes, tianchai is like a raging fire the "double". This morning, Luyang district held a double work conference, made the management of the "military order": by the end of next year, the basic form of double open ecological system, efficient and dynamic; within three years, 23052 new jobs Small and micro businesses. Anhui channel in an interview that, in the next three years, the area of the "double object" also includes: the new main market households more than 2.5 households, Small and micro businesses operating income more than 150 billion yuan; area 8 new public record space 5, the new business incubator 3, the new public service platform 1, new business enterprises, as Small and micro businesses entrepreneurs to provide professional service platform and policy guidance, etc.. It is reported that in the future Luyang area will take Luyang industrial zone and Dayang Industrial Park as the two main, focus on promoting high-tech service industry demonstration zone construction. This also means that the intelligent industry with intelligent production, intelligent service, intelligent Home Furnishing direction, the data information service oriented data industry, health industry to medical treatment, detection and diagnosis as the focus, to networking, cloud services and other information technology to support the electricity supplier industry, will focus on training objects. Interested in these areas "the creation", can display skills to the full on this piece of land. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: