Luo: Taiwan to the mainland to suppress the retired generals to destabilize the China military Sohu military channel map information: in front of the Army Deputy Commander in chief Wu Sihuai (right) and retired generals to commemorate the birth of Sun Zhongshan related activities. Who is Taiwan betrayed the interests of the people in Taiwan recently, noisy, retired generals to punish Taiwan to the mainland to participate in the commemoration of Sun Zhongshan. Menacing, and "stop them", and "withdrawal Hoon", is very lively. These retired generals in Taiwan this trip to the mainland, there is no violation of the mainland in the performance is also very decent. They are in before Sun Zhongshan was presented a basket of flowers, into the Great Hall of the people, listen to the President Xi’s speech. This kind of action is not started today, Lien Chan, James Soong, Yu Muming have entered the Great Hall of the people, many Taiwan compatriots have listened to the speech of mainland leaders, are all to be punished? In fact, the attack of retired generals who have ulterior motives, the "unification" generals challenge is false, challenge the "one China principle", "92 consensus" is really at. Are these carries the "Taiwan independence" fantasy, can not see any of the two sides of a pro scene, they struggled, seize all opportunities, resorted to various means, the deterioration of cross-strait atmosphere to cross-strait relations to the brink. They are traitors to the fundamental interests of Taiwan. The forum coincided with the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, the two sides uphold the Zhongshan Whampoa ’s descendants held a series of grand celebration, it is to promote and continue the spirit of Sun Zhongshan. The value of a core concept of the spirit of Sun Zhongshan is the motherland’s view, he once said: "the moment is not unified China, temporary chaos", but unity is the inevitable trend of historical development China, as "the Yangtze River and the Yellow River water, water flow direction or there are many twists and turns to the north or South Stream however, it must be the last to flow to the East, regardless of how all can not stop the". Taiwan is also true, no matter who is in power, no matter what kind of twists and turns, and the unity of the motherland is no one and no power can stop the tide of history. Just as Mr. Sun Zhongshan has said: "the trend of the world, go forward with great strength and vigour, Shun Cheong is the inverse of the dead." "Zhongshan, Whampoa , cross strait forum" is a kind of justice that conforms to the historical trend of world peace and development. Some retired generals in Taiwan, regardless of personal gains and losses, to the mainland to participate in the forum, is a blessing for the people on both sides of the peace, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to help, not only has not, but also meritorious. On the day of the reunification of the motherland, the people will remember them. Those who attempt to suppress them, sanctions against them, against the tide of history, roots, secession, is condemned by history, the most should be punished. The soldiers on both sides in the history there have been many enenyuanyuan, had also had the cooperation, competition, and even war, but on the occasion of national peril, the majority of Chinese soldiers to national interests, working together, which left. The soldiers on both sides may be of different political views, beliefs vary, but the same as Chinese, which break the genes, even break bones, a rib. Taiwan authorities suppress Taiwan.相关的主题文章: