Luo Huining studies religious work to promote the harmonious and healthy development of religion Shanxi daily news (reporter Shang Huihui Zhao Xiangnan) recently, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining in-depth Changzhi, Xinzhou, on religious work research, and discuss with religious circles. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the national religious work conference spirit especially the spirit of the speech habits, fully implement the party’s basic principle of religious work, to promote the management, improve service levels, study new situations and solve new problems, guide religions to adapt to socialist society, to complete the ningxinjuli well-off society. In the investigation, Luo Huining investigation of religious sites, in-depth understanding of culture, temples and religious groups such as the construction of management staff, visited the religious people. Luo Huining came to the city of Changzhi in the Muslim temple, listening to religious activities, and religious representatives discussion, and encouraged them to continue to carry forward the tradition of patriotism, adhere to the China direction, go Chinese Road, promote the religions to adapt to socialist society, better play the positive role of religious people and religious people in the economic and social development. Luo Huining attaches great importance to the healthy development of religious work in Mount Wutai. In the Buddhist temple and other temples, Luo Ning to understand the long history, of precious relics, requirements for strengthening the protection of precious cultural relics, heritage of Chinese traditional culture. In pushou temple, communicate with President Luo Huining, the abbot of luminary Buddhist Institute such as Swiss master. Luo Huining said, leading to the interpretation of doctrine with the socialist core values, the correct guidance of believers, promote social harmony, the religious and social progress with the development. To explore the establishment and adapt to modern education training system to train a group of monks, the monks of patriotism. In the temple, Luo Huining and Miao Jiang, Chang Shan ten master forum to do religious work, improve the management of scenic temples to listen to opinions and suggestions. Luo Huining pointed out that Mount Wutai is the first place of the four famous Buddhist mountains, and the culture is heavy and traditional. We should have a long-term vision of the world, work together to shape the overall image of the Mount Wutai, the overall environmental remediation, and enhance the world influence of Mount Wutai. We should further establish and perfect the modern management system of temples, improve the institutionalization and standardization level, and guard against the penetration of separatist forces abroad. Luo Huining was very concerned about the public service to monks. He understood the life of monks in detail, and demanded further attention to the medical service and medical insurance of monks. He said that some monasteries are located in remote areas, draught, traffic and other difficulties, to help improve infrastructure conditions. Loving care, so that the scene of problem-solving, monks was deeply moved. In the research, Luo Huining and religious personages and grassroots cadres focused on the implementation of the spirit of the National Conference on religious work, especially the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speech, in-depth exchanges. He pointed out that to comprehensively and correctly and effectively implement the party’s basic principle of religious work, the implementation of the policy of freedom of religious belief, religious affairs in accordance with the law, adhere to the principle of independent management, and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society, to promote harmonious and healthy development of religion. We should unite the religious people and religious believers around the party and the government to shape a better image of Shanxi.

骆惠宁调研宗教工作 促进宗教和谐健康发展   山西日报讯(记者尚慧辉 赵向南)近日,省委书记骆惠宁深入长治、忻州,就宗教工作进行调研,并与宗教界人士座谈。他强调,要认真贯彻落实全国宗教工作会议精神特别是习总书记重要讲话精神,全面贯彻党的宗教工作基本方针,推进依法管理,提高服务水平,深入研究新情况、解决新问题,引导宗教与社会主义社会相适应,为全面建成小康社会凝心聚力。   调研中,骆惠宁实地考察宗教场所,深入了解教职人员培养、寺观管理和宗教团体建设等情况,亲切看望宗教界人士和信教群众。骆惠宁来到长治城区清真中寺,听取宗教活动介绍,与宗教代表人士座谈,勉励他们继续发扬爱国爱教传统,坚持中国化方向,走中国化道路,促进宗教与社会主义社会相适应,更好地发挥宗教界人士和信教群众在经济社会发展中的积极作用。   骆惠宁高度重视五台山宗教工作健康发展。在佛光寺等寺院,骆惠宁了解久远的历史,考察珍贵的遗存,要求加强对珍贵文物的保护,传承中华优秀传统文化。在普寿寺,骆惠宁与住持、尼众佛学院院长如瑞法师进行交流。骆惠宁说,要用社会主义核心价值观引领教规教义阐释,正确引导信众,促进社会和谐,使宗教与社会进步同向发展。要探索建立与现代教育相适应的僧人培养制度,培养一批爱国爱教的高僧大德。在显通寺,骆惠宁与妙江、昌善等十余位法师进行座谈,就做好宗教工作、改进景区寺庙管理工作等听取意见建议。骆惠宁指出,五台山是四大佛教名山之首,文化厚重、传统光荣。我们要有世界的长远的眼光,共同努力,把五台山整体形象塑造好、整体环境整治好,增强五台山的世界影响力。要进一步建立完善寺院现代管理制度,提升制度化、规范化水平,有针对性地防范境外分裂势力的渗透。   骆惠宁十分关心对僧众的公共服务情况。他详细了解僧人生活,要求进一步重视僧人的医疗服务和医保工作。他说,有些寺院地处偏远,吃水、交通等有困难,要帮助改善基础设施条件。亲切关怀、现场解难,令广大僧众深为感动。   调研中,骆惠宁与宗教人士和基层干部重点就贯彻落实全国宗教工作会议精神特别是习总书记重要讲话精神,进行深入交流。他指出,要全面地正确地有效地贯彻执行党的宗教工作基本方针,实施宗教信仰自由政策,依法管理宗教事务,坚持独立自主自办原则,积极引导宗教与社会主义社会相适应,促进宗教和谐健康发展。要把广大宗教界人士和信教群众团结在党和政府周围,为塑造山西美好形象、实现山西振兴崛起共同奋斗。   调研期间,骆惠宁考察了五台山景区管理工作,要求进一步提高景区规划与管理水平,加强生态保护,严控人口与建设规模,打造特色风貌,改善景区环境,提升服务质量,促进文化旅游业健康发展。   孙绍骋、王伟中分别参加有关调研和座谈。相关的主题文章: