The first half of the overall listing of securities brokerage business to accelerate the transformation of the dismal performance of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Chinese securities network by shrinking market transactions, the first half of this year, the overall performance of the securities industry "dismal performance". According to statistics, 25 listed companies in the first half of this year to achieve a total net profit of 42 billion 148 million yuan, total revenue of $116 billion 80 million. Among them, 21 listed brokerage net profit in the first half of this year was "cut", Shanxi securities net profit decline, down 85%; 14 listed brokerage revenues fell more than 50%. According to the Securities Times reported on August 30th, the Securities Industry Association statistics Chinese revealed that this year the securities industry in the first half of total operating income of 157 billion 79 million yuan, net profit of 62 billion 472 million yuan, down 52.47% and 59.22% respectively over the same period, the industry of securities trading agency business net income of 55 billion 976 million yuan, down 64.67% over the same period. Among them, the brokerage fee net income fell the most obvious. 25 listed securities dealers in the first half of this year, the sale of securities business net income of 39 billion 833 million yuan. Among them, the founder of net income securities securities trading agency business fell 48.1%, the remaining 24 year-on-year decline surpassed 50%. A semi annual disclosure of listed shares to disclose the broker found that, despite the investment banking, information management business revenue rose slightly, brokerage business is still an important part of the income of the broker. With the introduction of a multi family policy as well as the rapid development of Internet securities, brokerage brokerage business towards wealth management transformation is inevitable. Overall, the listed brokerage business, mainly resorted to force the mobile terminal, a new light business department, the layout of the smart investment adviser, continued consignment of financial products "four tricks. Force mobile terminal". The trading volume of stock and fund market share remain the industry’s first Huatai Securities, for example, semi annual report shows that the first half of this year, Huatai Securities mobile terminal up wealth through music downloads in 4 million 147 thousand and 800, the average daily number of active users in the first half of 1 million 831 thousand and 800; up wealth through music mobile terminal customer account number 555 thousand, accounting for all accounts 92.39%; Huatai Securities 78.27% trading customers through up wealth through music trading. In order to obtain the WeChat account pilot license of China Merchants Securities, for example, the broker through cooperation with Tencent, has been formally launched micro securities business. Users can brush face account – through the operating interface, face recognition to determine the true identity, you can open a securities account. And have the Commission treasure of the State Securities said that the future will be based on the traditional guiding cooperation, gradually expand cooperation in services and information content. Two is a large-scale new light business department". Brokerage staking trend is increasingly fierce, and the branches of the brokerage business as a landing point, marketing window and service base. According to the reporter incomplete statistics, this year, the brokerage has approved the new business department has exceeded 600相关的主题文章: