Linyi old man stole herbal rescue wife, moved the owner not to be investigated and presented in November 17th, Linyi Junan County flood wave town Xu planted Salvia herb stolen, Xu seized the thief dug herbs and alarm. After the police arrived, the alarm Xu Xu learned that the suspect because the family poverty, stealing herbs to cure his wife, Xu said on the spot unwilling to investigate the legal liability of suspects, and personally sent a part of herbs, let the suspect go home to his wife treatment. This warm event occurred in 17, 3 in the afternoon, Junan County Public Security Bureau police station received a report of Xu Lao Po, Salvia herbs planted in the village he was a man in the Dongshan stolen, and caught the suspect. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene of the crime. The scene was on the top of a hill, in the middle of a sparse forest, planted with a small piece of Salvia herb. A sixtieth old man face shame squatting on the side of the old man’s feet were 10 trees Danshen herbs. The informant Xu to the police about the end of their own how to seize the process of stealing drugs after the old man picked up the old man, the feet of the herb handed police, the old man still silently squatting there. The police interrogation of the old people stealing Salvia herb, has done something the old head had been buried in two knees, quietly told police that his wife had been ill in bed for many years, the family is more difficult, he heard that the wife of Danshen herbs may disease effectively, so he went to the mountains to dig some home to his wife and take aoyao. Answer the police questioning after the old man kept apologizing. After listening to the old man’s speech, the reporter told police on the spot that he was no longer investigating the theft of the old man. He also took the initiative to let the old man take the salvia herb taken home to treat his wife. Xu said: "in the beginning don’t know this, I planted in the mountain herbs was stolen a few times, this just found someone stealing mountain herbs, in a moment of anger was reported to the police, did not expect the big family special, do have difficulties, when I give up the body of a woman." The police saw the old man dug a small number of herbs, and Xu said no longer investigate the theft of the elderly, on the spot for the elderly criticized education, let the old man with herbs home. Source: Yimeng Evening News

临沂老汉偷药草救病妻感动失主 不追究并赠送   11月17日,临沂莒南县涝波镇徐某种植的丹参药草被盗,徐某当场抓住了盗挖药草的人并报警。警察到来后,报警人徐某得知嫌疑人因家境贫困盗挖药草是为了救治妻子,徐某当场表示不愿追究嫌疑人的法律责任,并亲自送上了部分药草,让嫌疑人回家给妻子治疗。   这一暖人的事件发生在17日下午3点多,莒南县公安局涝坡派出所接到徐某报案,他在村东山上种植的丹参药草被一花甲老汉给偷了,并当场抓住了嫌疑人。接到报案后,民警迅速赶赴案发现场。   案发现场在一座小山的山顶上,在一片稀稀疏疏的树林中间,种植有一小片的丹参药草。一位花甲老汉一脸羞愧地蹲在一边,老人脚边散落着十几棵丹参药草。报案人徐某向民警讲述完自己如何抓住偷药老人的过程后,拿起老人脚边的药草递给民警,老人还是一声不吭地蹲在那里。   民警讯问盗窃丹参药草的老人时,做了亏心事的老人把头一直埋在两膝中间,低声告诉民警,他的妻子卧病在床多年,家庭比较困难,他听说丹参这种药草可能对老伴的病有效,于是就来到山上挖一些回家给妻子熬药服用。回答完民警的问话后,老人连声道歉。   报案人徐某听完老人的话后,当场告诉民警自己不再追究老汉的盗窃行为了,还主动让老人把挖下的丹参药草带回家给妻子治疗。徐某称:“一开始不知道是这种情况,我在山上种植的药草被人偷过几次,这次正好上山发现有人偷药草,一时气愤才报的警,没想到这位大爷家庭情况特殊,确实有困难,就当我送给大娘补身体了。”   民警见老人挖的药草数量不多,且徐某表示不再追究老人的盗窃行为,当场对老人进行批评教育后,让老人带着药草回家。 来源:沂蒙晚报相关的主题文章: