Lin Baihong won the Golden Horse Award for best actor with admission upset: surprise Lin Bohong won best male with Lin Baihong and Lin Baihong Lin Baihong won the kiss trophy award Sina entertainment news Beijing time on the night of November 26, 2016, the fifty-third Taiwan film awards ceremony held in Taipei, Sina entertainment broadcast live. Lin Po hung [micro-blog] by "six lane cafe" won the Golden Horse Award for best supporting actor. The winning competitor is Paul Chun Lin Po hung, Eric Tsang [micro-blog], Suet Lam [micro-blog], natto and other predecessors, is upset. He sighed with emotion: "together with the actor is my favorite, and even their age is older than my age." Lin Baihong in 2007 to participate in the second "super star avenue" singing talent show debut, after entering the film and television development. He said the six cafe was one of his most exciting movies, "the most important thing is to enjoy the moment". Lin Baihong admitted that he did not expect to win the prize: "together with the actor is I really want to like, and even their age is older than my age, and I have been able to compete with them has been honored. I just broke down and cried in the background. I was very happy and excited." Talk about the "upset" evaluation, Lin Po Hung said: "I was very surprised to win, because the other actor plays very well, I know they nominated enough." Natto was Lin Baihong’s brother, he Nadal: "he is very care of me, encourage each other, no rivalry means." Lin Baihong also revealed that when he left the seat to accept the award, would like to bow with Eric Tsang, but did not have time to respond, and the first time for him to send a congratulations to the. Lin Baihong said that if the winning dance on the red carpet, he kept it, holding the trophy in the background show a funny dance. Lin will fly to Hangzhou tomorrow to continue filming the new movie "to 19 year old myself". (the Xia photography (Beijing) commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: