Let people play their proper role rational view of the "online record" on your resume online record, opened a shop…… 95 after the job resume is not general. Recently, the 2017 session of the college graduates special recruitment will be held in Nanjing, the more than 1 thousand and 200 home units to provide nearly 30 thousand jobs. Most of the 2017 graduates were born in 1995, after entering the workplace, "after 95" to the recruitment will bring a distinctive youth. "The derivative agent" and "Taobao", even online games outstanding "record", in their resume, a dazzling "proficiency in a particular line". A technology company in the HR phase of college students Xiao Xu to the network game obsessed, "especially the students suspected of playing online games is not fun, but also write their own game play, such design talent is what we need. It’s not bad to play games." Online record into the resume not worthy of positive feedback is get excited over a little thing in the job market certificate does not necessarily mean the ability for those all sorts of strange things certificate, the employer may have long been used to, and not because of who the certificate and a second glance. Instead, the job seekers have had what expertise and participated in what kind of social practice, more and more attention by the employer. This is undoubtedly a kind of progress, indicating that the labor market is more rational, the employer more emphasis on practical ability. At the same time, the university has blind research hot is a sobering reminder that college students should be more down-to-earth, not in order to research and research, not to think that there is a pile of certificate can "worry free future tokenism". Only able to prove their true ability. Once upon a time, our social evaluation system in some ways over reliance on some form of things, but often overlooked the most important practical ability. Sometimes, a piece of paper than the actual ability to get social recognition. Some people think that the reason why some people to enjoy high diploma, certificate for a certificate, in order to diligently strive after in itself, it contains high added value. Fortunately, with the progress of the times, attached to the certificate on the aura gradually stripped, rational employers also have a more cautious attitude towards the certificate. Only the re establishment of social evaluation system more scientific, reasonable, practical, light form, in order to completely get rid of the "certificate of dependency", let backsintosline, let people play their proper role certificate. "95" after the change of the CV and the positive feedback of the employment market, is very worthy of change. At least better than false resume too "beautiful" resume "astepping-stone to success" is not desirable, on the contrary, relatively honest, show the personal qualities of the resume is more easy to let the employer, of course, have the specialty is to attract employers "weight". Remember Bai Yansong once said, there is a selection of graduate school, a student does not understand why to be admitted, is the real reason, other resume saw is full of success, but the student’s resume, the attitude of frustration and failure. In the context of difficult employment, in addition to improving their professional level and knowledge to improve their competitiveness, graduates do need to present themselves in their resumes to attract employers相关的主题文章: