Lenovo hardware developers together to create modular mobile phone – Sohu in the global electronic science and technology in August of Shenzhen, hundreds of hardware developers gathered together, they together with Lenovo senior vice president Chen Xudong, vice president of Lenovo Group, Chang Cheng American team, jointly opened the China project developers. This is the first time lenovo mobile developers held a general assembly, such as the general assembly in other mobile phone manufacturers are not seen. At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Xudong showed a number of mobile phone brands in the Ministry of industry standards for the record; no accident, they almost exactly the reverse. This is the present situation of the mobile phone industry, this industry is too mature, so that to do from the hardware innovation is difficult. However, Lenovo is determined to make some different products. In June this year, Lenovo held the second session of the global science and Technology Innovation Conference in Silicon Valley (Lenovo Tech World), released a new intelligent mobile phone Moto Z module and Moto Mods module technology, announced the mobile phone can open plug-in: external modules can use embedded intelligent hardware Moto Z extension processor (MPU) and the body with a magnetic contact friction, computing, communications, call the mobile phone screen, sensor, storage and other functions. In the science and Technology Innovation Conference, Lenovo also launched a seamless with Moto Z intelligent modules, such as SoundBoost music module, Insta-Share Projector projection module, Power Pack power module. Recently, a number of foreign media were out of the box Verizon evaluation version of Moto Z and Moto Mods functional module for sale in the United States, and gave a high evaluation. U.S. media Gizmag said: modular smart phone is the right step. This is not only the most full of the future possibilities of the flagship model, may also be the most innovative smartphone." Today, the alliance with the developers of the modular choice of the hardware of the road to the "land of promise" Shenzhen. It has the world’s most complete supply chain of electronic products, the largest number of hardware and technical personnel, as well as the most active hardware hit. A few years ago, Shenzhen’s mobile phone practitioners had to be scraped a "copycat" of the wind, they made a lot of fantastic innovation in hardware, so that the design of the mobile phone Chinese swept the world. Lenovo chose to convene the hardware developers conference in Shenzhen, also in order to align with Shenzhen’s hardware innovation capability. Chen Xudong promised to help hardware developers with Moto Mods modular technology to develop more innovative external modules. Lenovo will provide MDK development kit for hardware developers, and the source code to the enterprise and individual developers to open, to support developers to develop a personalized module based on different consumer and industry needs. Developers do not need to modify the kernel code, you do not need to understand the schematic diagram of the phone, you can easily make a complete external module. Lenovo’s five leaders jointly launched the China developer project has a Moto Mods.相关的主题文章: