Business Lenco is the leading manufacturer of high quality marine machinery and equipment. Since last 4 decades Lenco has been manufacturing the best Marine Engines Heat Exchangers and Marine Engine Oil Coolers. The high technology crusader oil cooler is one of the best coolers made by them. It has got the whole assembly enclosed in oil (that works as a coolant) and the interconnected chambers at the bottom help remarkably in the overall cooling process. Lenco provides upgraded equipment/parts etc., where they have found the original machinery to be inadequate for that place or for that purpose. Marine Engine Heat Exchangers A heat exchanger works on a simple logic of taking heat in the system which is transferred to the outer side so that it can be dissipated. There are different kinds of coolants that are designed for use in various different areas and the most common one being the oil. So, if heat dissipation is not effective then the heat exchanger is not working properly because this is nothing to do with loose fittings etc. And this is where the lenco heat exchangers play a major role. The westerbeke 38300 is a heat exchanger used as an accessory in marine parts, and westerbeke 45528 is another type of heat exchanger designed for high profile heat transfer, that is, these can resist high heat variations. These are made up of cupro nickel that is meant to withstand heat. Both of them are different in their designs depending on the place where the device is supposed to be placed. Another heat exchange device offered is the universal 299818, this device has got one port at the top and the other at the bottom in order to enable the coolant to flow from one port to the other port. The whole device is designed in such a way that there is a minimum or no heat loss and there are enough margins for the degradation etc., that may arise due to the flow of the hot liquid or heat etc., and this is done by maintaining the thickness of the tube. There is another product provided known as Mercury Marine, which is very efficient and has been designed in such a way where the size of the engine is more or less that the usual normal size. A lot of efforts and expertise lies behind the making and designing of these products, there are a lot of points considered before the actual designing happens and that include the amount of heat to be transferred / exchanged, the factors that affect the total heat exchange including the time required to complete the process, this is very important. And after all major designing comes the designing of the chambers depending on the amount of heat exchange required. Whether it is an engine or a part Lenco offers enough efficient equipment to help its customers maintain the amount and capacity of functioning required from the system. So you can use marine products from Lenco for a smooth marine journey. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: