The three quarter of the layout of the fund’s exposure of the holdings of shares in favor of the transfer of the high as soon as the beginning of the three quarterly disclosure of intensive disclosure, the latest holdings of the fund’s trend gradually emerged in the 38. In three quarterly disclosure of listed companies have been listed in the top ten tradable shareholders, the presence of the fund’s figure of the 169 stocks, of which 38 stocks holdings. The three quarter fund holdings of 38 shares statistics show that as of now, the two cities a total of 343 stocks disclosed three quarterly this year, the fund appeared 169 stocks of the top ten shareholders of tradable shares, of which 38 stocks get holdings, 2 stocks become the fund darling, different degrees of reduction to have the remaining stocks. Specifically, in the 38 fund holdings of shares, the Oriental Garden (002310), Dongan (600178), friends of the A shares (002277 shares), cable (002766), Ling (603011), Beijing Hankou intelligent forging stock (000615), red chain (002697) and other 7 stocks the number of fund holdings in all, more than 10 million shares, respectively 36 million 760 thousand and 500 shares, 14 million 64 thousand and 700 shares, 13 million 569 thousand and 600 shares, 12 million 408 thousand and 900 shares, 11 million 728 thousand and 700 shares, 10 million 638 thousand and 200 shares, 10 million 342 thousand shares. In addition, Guangji pharmaceutical, SUPOR, Keming surface industry, Li Peng shares, Xinye textile, Sanjiang shopping, Chinese Haicheng, Jubilee technology, Lanzhou the Yellow River, Eastcom peace, clean water and other stocks were also the number of holdings of shares in more than 2 million shares. From the point of view of these 38 stocks at the end of the three quarter the fund’s total number of shares, black sesame, friends of the A shares the number of shares are more than 20 million shares, respectively 22 million 299 thousand and 400 shares, 20 million 216 thousand and 800 shares; in addition, Dongan power, song shares and Chinese Haicheng 3 stock fund at the end of the three quarter the total number of shares are in more than 15 million shares, respectively 17 million 532 thousand and 900 shares, 17 million 390 thousand and 600 shares and 16 million 35 thousand shares. Stake, these 38 stocks, soling shares, through science and technology, forging intelligence, Guangji pharmaceutical and other 4 stocks, as of the end of the three quarter, the number of shares held by the fund accounted for the proportion of the total number of outstanding shares of the company is higher than in 5%, respectively: 15.92%, 9.90%, 6.32% and 5.05%. In addition, Chinese Haicheng, black sesame, Dongan power, friends of the A shares, clean water and three stocks fund at the end of the three quarter the number of shares accounted for the proportion of tradable shares is 3%. The fund awkwardness exposure as an important force in institutions, fund holdings is popular, the three quarterly disclosure will be part of the fund awkwardness early exposure. Cable Ling shares is one of them. Soling shares three of the Quarterly Bulletin shows that the end of the three quarter, the top ten shareholders of circulation seats have been raised funds to divide, raised a total of 8 new funds to enter in, post core growth, post innovation advantage holds 3 million 399 thousand and 800 shares and 2 million 560 thousand and 700 shares, accounting for the number of shares outstanding shares ratio of 3.86% and 2.91% and become the first and the second largest shareholders of tradable shares. Yifangda innovation growth, abc-ca industry growth, harvest growth, huitianfu open;相关的主题文章: