Laiyuan edge, mobile phone camera can also turn the United States and the United States – Sohu travel Laiyuan edge, mobile phone camera can turn the heart of the United states. I have such a problem is to say that shooting is a feeling, is a kind of beauty of the heart of the expression and dissemination. The beauty of the world will be more beautiful in our communication. Before the highway east of Laiyuan Rest Area I first heard the name of Laiyuan is nearly half a century, then there are some "hongwulei" in our class, was assigned to the then "mistress line" of the military enterprises in Laiyuan iron and steel plant. Later, they heard from Baoding to Laiyuan, the road is very difficult to go, to turn over eighteen. In 1994 March, we drove from Xuanhua along the national highway 108 ran through Laiyuan Mount Wutai. That experience can be said to be the most difficult way I go. A short walk from Xuanhua to Laiyuan, a full day. From Xuanhua Weixian County there is no road, is the beginning of a gravel road, dirt road is not even later. We can only in the mountains of snow along the track forward, no pedestrians, no cars, no village, in the boundless nature, only four of us in the bumps in the way. I don’t know how much time to see a car from Baoding to Laiyuan via the car, it let us all go to. The distant mist rises, near the flowers like the sea. Arrived in Laiyuan, it was already late. Small town, can’t find a hotel, can not find the hotel, only the county hostel can receive guests. Laiyuan lived overnight, second days to Shanxi, Fanshi. This is my first time in 22 years and become attached to Laiyuan. Today we live in the hotel I was invited to attend the #907 China 100 anchor beautiful countryside activities run # flowers. From September 10th to 12, Hebei car radio FM907 to join the National more than and 30 provinces and cities of Taiwan 100 anchor, Beijing Tianjin Hebei media Master, meet Jingxi Bai Du flower fields for romantic beautiful countryside flowers run. This time I came to Laiyuan, I really want to take a little more time to turn to Laiyuan. However, due to the activities of the arrangement is very compact, there is no way, only to take time to take a few photos. A record 22 years after the trip to Laiyuan to record my feeling, here has changed. Laiyuan street this is my mobile phone with the shooting of Laiyuan street. Laiyuan county is located in Taihang Mountain, Yanshan, Mt. Hengshan Sanshan interchange, due to relatively high altitude, the sky, the air refreshing, beautiful scenery. Here is the source of the Juma, brook water, easy to water the birthplace of the three sources, can be said to show the source of water. Laiyuan is the most baishishan. The white mountain is located 15 kilometers south of Laiyuan County of Hebei Province, is located in the northwest of Beijing, Taihang Mountain ranks eight hundred in the northern end of the peak of the cloud peak 2096 meters above sea level. Baishishan is part of the Beijing Fangshan World Geological Park, the one and only Dali has a national landformm. Autumn and summer is Baishishan "excellent time, we have the meeting of wind and clouds", with such a chance. I took a photo with a camera and a mobile phone. White stone peak cloud combination, is the first big beauty in Laiyuan. The air is rising and the water is constant.相关的主题文章: