Jolin and Jin Rong talk about the secret of love happy smile to hide Jolin Jin Rong Jolin revealed the secret love fresh Sina entertainment news on November 26th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Jolin [micro-blog] (Jolin) and her boyfriend Jin Rong before the close travel to Europe, two people more than 6 years, the footprints of love in the UK, Singapore, Japan and other countries. It has been witness to the night market for dating has been popular delicacy, feelings of fans attention. She was recorded before the film, generous to share their love fresh four tips, often showing a happy smile. Comrade Jolin to promote marriage equality to teach more gay friends spare no effort, how to maintain the feelings, suggestions by sweet travel, looking for unique delicacy and create fresh or regular party; she believes that couples get along for a long time, is lazy and sloppy, men and women in love are the maintenance of a variety show, occasionally humorous, also be disgusting sweet talk, timely praise and encourage to each other, such as "Hello stick", "I love you". She dressed up in the changing stage, not only easy to control snakes Ji Medusa, mermaid shape, but also to conquer the heart of Jin Rong. She believes that travel with another partner to experience the feeling of starting again, she revealed that she likes to go to the beach, but also want to see the aurora, and her boyfriend will travel plans, so that more closely. In addition, she attaches great importance to food delicious, if two people can cook together, it will be a way to create good memories. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: