Jing Xiandong: new technology and globalization will become the focus of investment in the field of –IT– ant gold suit people.com.cn people.com.cn on 31 August, August 30th (Yang Bo), ant gold suit President Jing Xiandong accepted an interview with CNBC television CNBC, talk about the future of the ant payment service market, and financing will be mainly used to what areas of investment. On the 22 of this month, Alibaba group announcement, well Yin Dong replaced Lu Zhaoxi as director, effective since September 1st. Concern for the outside world ant payment service market, well Yin Dong said, if the future to be listed, will be transparent, share, capital of three aspects based on the original intention, listing can increase corporate transparency, allowing users to become investors, can let the enterprise have more capital. Jing Xiandong did not give a timetable for listing. In the future, which will increase the investment in the field of ant gold, Yin Yin Dong said: we attach great importance to the new technology, the study of artificial intelligence, but also in the field of risk management and control capabilities, big data and other areas to make a lot of investment. We attach great importance to technical ability. At the same time, we put safety in the first place, we must continue to strengthen risk management and control system. This is very important. In addition, globalization is another important area that we need to invest in." For financial supervision, Jing Xiandong believes that strict supervision is necessary, otherwise it may affect the problem of huge manufacturing, the development of the whole industry, harm the interests of consumers, and regulators need to take gold ants to maintain close communication.     (commissioning editor: Yang Bo, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: