This is really the celebrity interview with TCG water in my eyes "HEX" 7.8 CGWR score card booking | novice HEX area made of lead: perfect world, American Cryptozoic Entertainment company operating the world’s first online TCG classic "HEX" since landing Chinese since it has been praised many TCG lovers. Among them, naturally there will be some senior players in the circle of concern and participation. Small honor and TCG red water really had a deep conversation, around the "HEX" launched a series of discussions. Next, let us look at the circle of people known as "senior player Water God, what is the unique view of" HEX "of the TCG online! The "HEX" game player water water really: because Hangxiazhangyi become TCG mention water circle Reds really, believe in contact with Beijing TCG circle of people will not feel strange about this name. When asked why have so much influence in the circle, the water really passionate with Xiaobian about his road to fame". 1998, the water is still reading a high. Out of curiosity about the two alumni playing cards, they joined in. When the battle conditions are very poor, a pull hat pocket is the "graveyard", go to the playground stone bench began a squat. This is a fight for more than and 10 years, during the period from the playground to store, played cards also sold cards, but eventually found water really friends, Xingxiazhangyi is truly fun. "For example, to help player store stolen goods ah, help the game player can be cheated cheated card and so on…… Circle poor character, almost all of us together to attack. I just pull the head, divert public opinion, and finally let the opponent can not play down. Of course, some people have negative thoughts about me. I don’t care! And then no one fought with me. I will remember that everyone called me water." Said the water. "HEX" is currently the strongest comprehensive online TCG "HEX" is currently the most comprehensive strength of the online TCG TCG even became well-known in the circle of the water god, ready to do boldly what is righteous is always sad beauty, into the marriage hall and ruhuameijuan. After marriage, however, the need to take care of the family and career, the time to go to the store will be less, rivers and lakes can only stay in the heart. While "HEX" appeared timed to provide a great opportunity for water warrior comeback, TCG online battle platform to really like water so that the line card enthusiasts, virtual reality can be both! "What do you think is the most attractive place for HEX? What is its greatest feature?" Small very curious is how to treat the senior player "HEX". "HEX" is the most attractive to me is that it is the most comprehensive strength of the universe (line) TCG. I like this card game very much. I can not say "HEX" certainly can, but if (domestic online TCG industry) to succeed from the "HEX", the opportunity is the biggest, this is beyond doubt. Just come in here.相关的主题文章: