Internet office service platform good rent complete hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing – Sohu science and technology day, Internet office service platform – a good rent officially announced the completion of the hundreds of millions of yuan B round of financing. This round of financing by the yuan capital lead investor, A round investors continue to increase capital dominant pleasure, Huaxing Alpha served as the exclusive financial advisor to the financing. It is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for the development of good rental products, the line system to build and expand the scope of a good rental mall services. Previously, rent obtained by the black hole capital, capital lead investor pleasure in March 2016, the northern lights with cast A round of 250 million yuan financing. The completion of the current round of financing is also expected to hire a good system through innovative products and services to provide customers with a full range of online and offline one-stop office service experience. It is understood that the rent was founded in July 2015, is an Internet service platform consists of 58 office market investment group, is committed to providing the whole office leasing to cover all kinds of highly related services solutions, which owns good rent and rent mall two business lines. Development so far, has more than one thousand real estate professional consultants, product, technical team composed of hundreds of Internet elite, to achieve full coverage of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other second tier key city, fine houses exceeded 500 thousand units, more than 20 customer service enterprises million, the average monthly new customer number more than 1 000. Rent founder and CEO Xianyang Song said, commercial office leasing and rental service after the market is a trillion level blue ocean market, the traditional office leasing mode through the "Internet plus" transformation, driving, supply and customer with big data, can effectively improve the efficiency of service industry. This round of financing as the lead investor, yuan capital founding partner Peng Zhijian said: "the commercial real estate brokerage service and there is a huge market opportunity, good for combination of Internet and information technology significantly enhance the efficiency of the industry. Compared with competitors, good rent management team responsible for the real estate business complete lean, in the market before the CEO song Xianyang has demonstrated excellent leadership, the team has a very strong executive ability at the same time, there is a mature operating system based on data driven lean product line, a year or so has been achieved the industry’s absolute leadership. The great potential of the track, excellent management team and the absolute leading position in the market is the core reason for the decision to take the lead of the yuan capital investment rental round." As a continuous investment of two rounds of financing, the founder and executive partner Liu Erhai capital of joy, said: for, such as the great potential of the CEO and the team, pleasure capital will continue to support. Rent the first to introduce the Internet technology into the field of commercial real estate services, making traditional services to upgrade to modern services, the market is very broad." Huaxing Alpha director general manager Zhou Xiang also very good rent business model, its success that open up the online and offline traffic sources, innovation intermediary system can greatly improve the efficiency and to rent to believe, in the near future to become the platform of commercial real estate companies, so that millions of domestic enterprises can enjoy the highest price of the one-stop office.相关的主题文章: