Exercise Most people who are into extreme fitness programs have heard about Tony Hortons acclaimed P90X system and Shaun Ts renowned Insanity Workout. Both programs are well known for their super intensity and are appropriate for athletes with well conditioned physiques. And both programs are hailed for their guaranteed results which are often startling if the guidelines are followed diligently. But the crucial question remains, is one of these two programs better and faster than the other? The answer squarely depends on your fitness goals. So lets quickly analyze both programs, what they provide and the different exercise styles that they entail. You need to remember that you should choose an exercise style that meets your personalized requirements for best results. While Tony Hortons P90X and Shaun Ts Insanity workout are both truly challenging the demands they place on your body are different and so its imperative to know which regimen suits your goal. Before you analyze these two programs, you need to understand your requirements. What are you looking for and trying to achieve? You should have a clear understanding about your fitness goals and your motives for losing weight and/ or building muscles. Also, you should know what you enjoy, is cardio your style or do you simply hate it. How do you feel about pull ups and free weights? All of us would ideally like to achieve our intended fitness goals but in this imperfect world that may not be realistic so its important to make a list of your fitness objectives and pick one that is of utmost importance. Once you know what you want you will be in a better position to pick an appropriate program to give you the results that you want and expect. To begin with, lets talk about Shaun Ts Insanity workout which derives its name from the perpetual anaerobic state that you will be in for extended periods with only very short periods of break to balance the regimen. To put it simply, the Insanity workout is sheer and hard core cardio where your own weight is used to provide the necessary resistance. The word anaerobic is vital in defining the core concept of this regimen where Shaun T wants you to put in not 65% but more than 85% of your effort. But, for most people, it can be a harrowing task to go on at 85% effort for more than 6 minutes. This intense regimen is poles apart from a leisurely 45 minute walk or jog where you get enough oxygen to break down the fats and turn them into energy, at this pace your body lacks the oxygen needed for breaking the fat and there is no other recourse besides breaking your body tissue to continue working out once you have used up your blood sugar. However, the real work starts after the exercise when throughout the day and night the body repairs the wear and tear resulting in leaner muscles, weight loss and over health benefits. But you need to be ready to handle 30 to 60 minutes of intense and demanding cardio, so go for Shaun Ts Insanity workout only if you are capable of tackling 30 minutes of gut wrenching workout. On the other hand when you opt for Tony Hortons P90X, the emphasis is on plyometrics which involves jump based workouts, cardio and weight resistance training. Essentially the P90X involved strength training. The muscle will be broken in the classic manner in this regimen which in turn will give you better muscle growth coupled with weight loss. So in essence, you will be fitter and stronger which will reflect in your appearance. Another consideration is of course, the time taken to achieve results through these two programs. While Insanity is a 60 day regimen, P90X goes on for 90 day, so given the duration .mitment will play an important role in the results. So you need to ask yourself if you are .fortable with the long haul or would you rather go for a short term exercise regimen? Also ask yourself which you prefer, cardio or strength training? The .mon factor is the extreme and conspicuous body transformation that both programs yield if the directions are followed meticulously. In the end it is also a matter of personal taste and style. If you want to gain muscle growth while you lose weight and develop athletic stamina then you should opt for P90X. But if you want to lose weight at an astounding speed and get a ripped and lean physique, then Shaun Ts Insanity workout will be more appropriate for you. Finally, it is not only important to know your fitness goals and choosing the right exercise regimen; both the programs will provide incredible results if you are willing to put in the necessary amount of dedication into these athome workouts while you have an acute awareness of your physical limits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: