The new normal audit work – Gansu Channel – original title lead to innovative ideas: leading to innovative ideas to audit the new normal since eighteen Party’s, with the reform, the economic responsibility audit work is also undergoing profound changes. Office of the State Office issued the "opinions" about the framework of several major issues to improve the audit system clearly adhere to the party with responsibility, with responsibility for the same trial, the implementation of full coverage of the audit of public funds, state-owned assets, state-owned resources and leading cadres economic responsibility". This requires that the economic responsibility audit to innovation as the lead, around the center and the overall situation to perform the audit oversight responsibilities, to further enhance the level of audit. Update the concept of audit and find the new orientation of audit work. The audit personnel to the five major development, supply side structural reforms, to production, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board the five major tasks of policies and measures to conduct in-depth study, understand, and consciously applied to the practice of auditing. Economic responsibility audit work, must strictly abide by the Constitution and the basic laws and regulations, is in line with the central spirit of the decision and the major direction of reform as the audit qualitative judgment standard, in violation of discipline, and resolutely investigate and deal with major waste of significant losses, significant risks and major duty is not in place and other issues at the same time, to encourage innovation, adhere to promote reform. To promote the reform because of lack of experience, the pilot of the faults and errors, with violations of discipline to distinguish to knowingly violate; there is no superior exploratory test limit of mistakes and errors, distinguish illegal behaviors with superior banned persisted; to promote the development of the negligence, as a discipline violations of the law for personal gain to distinguish, prudent conclusions and treatment. Improve project management to meet the new requirements of the audit work. We must first find out the base, to find out the basis of leading cadres tenure, accept the audit, the nature of the unit, main function, capital scale, development and change and so on, the formulation of the annual, interim and long-term planning project. Play the functions of the office of the joint meeting, and through the organization, discipline inspection departments timely communication, establish audit personnel database, timely update the personnel changes, audit, accountability and other related information, take office assets transfer and so on small scale, single function, the normal operation of the Department of tax and law enforcement penalty right, a large amount of funds, the masses of major units and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise leaders to implement any of the audit, planning, emphases and steps to achieve full coverage of the audit. Improving the scientific and systematic management of economic responsibility audit. Innovative organization model, to achieve a new audit efficiency. In the audit of the project arrangement, in order to reduce duplication of audit, audit resource conservation, the economic responsibility audit as a platform, using the "one N" approach, and budget execution, major policy implementation, special funds, resources and environment, enterprise assets and liabilities and other audit items combined, realize the sharing of audit results. In the organization of the project audit, the audit organs should establish "a game of chess", fully integrated on the auditing organ at the lower level of power, in the premise of the audit institutions as the leading, may be appropriate to buy social audit services)相关的主题文章: