Inner Mongolia grassland drought losses of billions of livestock winter forage gap – Beijing since the summer of this year, affected by the high temperature fine and hot weather, the northern part of the country in the drought area of rapid growth, a total of 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the drought, which Inner Mongolia suffered a huge grassland production and loss of crops. These two days, the reporter came to known as China’s most beautiful grassland in the eastern Hulun Buir prairie, Inner Mongolia. Nomads Khan said that the grass in the spring has long been yellow, half a month ago under the rain, so that the grasslands have a little green. Sayhan told reporters, especially hot this summer, even three months without rain, the grass would not grow up, some places are hungry cattle plague of locusts, lost fat, some also starve to death many cattle ranch. Sayhan at the age of fifteen since the beginning of the sheep, such a severe drought he was the first encounter. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau released on September 10th, by the El Nino phenomenon, the formation of the drought this summer is the worst drought in Inner Mongolia grassland since 1953 suffered. Grassland drought disaster area of 22 million 250 thousand hectares. Some pasture forage sparse, insect infestations, early yellowing or even dead. Drought has caused local economic losses reached 11 billion 590 million yuan. Winter forage grass production livestock gap continued drought in Inner Mongolia this year in the eastern prairie large area production losses, according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s official estimates, is now expected to forage production of 7 million tons, the affected areas have a large number of slaughter cattle herders, to alleviate the pressure of inadequate winter forage. The 53 year old herdsman turg ciser Khan, more than and 500 sheep, more than and 100 horses and more than and 50 cattle, because of lack of grass, in order to reduce the overwintering pressure, as well as other herdsmen, Saihan early sell a lot of sheep. Khan told reporters that an adult sheep in the market to sell 600 dollars or so, in order to realize the early purchase of grass, Khan to sell a lamb a $more than and 300. 500 pounds of a bundle of grass enough to eat a sheep from December to the next year in May. Due to lack of forage, now on the market sell a bundle of grass, from around 200 last year rose to 350 yuan. The chief of Hulun Buir farming and Animal Husbandry Bureau of animal husbandry department Wang Jingshun: area of grassland in Hulun Buir pastoral area, about about 98000000 acres, the affected area is almost 100%, the pastoral forage gap of about 670 thousand tons. Wang Jingshun told reporters, Hulun Buir not only lack of grass, now in the Middle East, Ulanhot, Chifeng and other places are facing the Xilinguole problem of lack of grass. Emergency transfer fill the gap pressure this year winter snow comes to feed a huge gap is a foregone conclusion. At present, Inner Mongolia is stepping up to take over the victims transported from the field of grass and other ways to solve the practical difficulties faced by herdsmen. Reporters from Hulun Buir city farming animal husbandry bureau learned that the drought occurred in the affected country has launched the emergency response mechanism, we can arrange the transportation, importation, fodder reserves, and increase efforts to prevent livestock slaughter, early snow and cold winter of animal husbandry production. Na Risu, deputy director of Hulun Buir Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry: we forecast.相关的主题文章: