Inner Mongolia forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau): four into the qualified party scale up – Inner Mongolia channel — learned in depth, doing is qualified, should be reflected in promoting the work and promote the development of. In the "two a" study and education, Inner Mongolia forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau) Party committee to seriously implement the central and regional party committee arrangements, study and education into the reform of state-owned forest areas, ecological protection and construction, improve people’s livelihood and social stability, the qualified staff stood up, put up the tree image of pioneer party members, with action reflects the power of belief. Enhance political awareness reform leaders of state-owned forest reform deployment is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee, is in long-term development, concerns the overall situation of national ecological forest areas of people’s livelihood and well-being of the masses of workers. In the face of reform, forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau) Party Central and the Autonomous Region Party committee government on the reform of state-owned forest the spiritual unity of Party members and cadres, to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of learning as the core as the root of education requirements, to promote the reform of state-owned forest smooth smooth and efficient operation. Around the Central Document No. 6 and No. 23 autonomous regions of the spirit of the document, forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau) adhere to the top-level design of synchronization with the actual operation, with the addition and subtraction, reform and daily work with the grasping, short-term and long-term conspiracy, were arrested and ideologyarousal maintain the stability of enterprises and local linkage ", set up to the party and government bodies and members of the Department for the two state-owned forest reform leading group, to determine the focus of the work of the reform led by the leadership and responsibility of departments, clear responsibilities and tasks and work requirements, deploy elite forces to establish a centralized office, as the center of the organization reform of the leadership system and working mechanism. In the practice of reform, forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau) Party organizations of the party members and resolutely implement the reform policies, to reform the leader, facilitator, promote the school, the "two a" learning achievement is reflected in the promotion of education reform. In the transfer of social management and public service functions, to "turn out, then steady, tube well, sustainable" as the goal, take the initiative to transfer the ideological mobilization, policy interpretation, to ensure that social service workers’ rights and interests are not damaged, continuous line. In the enterprise transfer, accurate verification of personnel, assets, management, credit and debt base, in accordance with the "one policy" principle, transfer scheme and work flow well formed. Until now, the policy plan, the coverage of social security, regional power supply, heating, water supply, property management, municipal sanitation transfer stripping work completed; the housing provident fund is to straighten out the business system, the transfer time is at the end of the year. 7 transfer of enterprises has been completed the transfer agreement, the transfer of work smoothly. Currently, forest industry group (Forest Management Bureau) is in the hands of the state-owned forest organization preparatory work, combine the functions of positioning and the actual situation, in-depth study of state-owned forest management institutions set up the program, adjust and optimize the functions of the Department, ensure the formation of a new system of state-owned forest ecological protection and construction. Enhance the overall consciousness of ecological protection is to protect the ecological construction practice of state-owned forest reform initiatives and the fundamental goal of this year)相关的主题文章: