Indonesia is not the owner died before the tomb of the cat waited a year Indonesia cat shed in the tomb owner died wailing waited a year according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 31st, in Indonesia Central Java province (Central Java), a sad kitten over my deceased master, even in the master grave Shou 1 years. People can even hear the sound of its wailing in front of the cemetery. Well intentioned passers-by provide food and water for kittens, but they still don’t want to leave the graveyard, roll in the ground every night, and then sleep there. Poulet Eno, 28, Keli Keningau Prayitno, tried to adopt it, but it always went back to the cemetery and stood in front of the blue gravestone. Poulet Eno said, "I thought it was a stray cat and wanted to help it.". But every time it goes back to the graveyard." Poulet Eno said, through the investigation, he found that the cat’s former owner is an old woman, 1 years ago died. He had tracked the kittens and found that he sometimes returned to where he had lived before the owner’s child was feeding it. After eating, the kitten will return to the cemetery. General Rey Nobel say see these pictures make people feel very sad, also shows that the relationship between the cat and the owner how close.

印尼猫咪不舍主人离世 墓前苦守一年 印尼猫咪不舍主人离世 在墓前哀嚎苦守一年 据英国《每日邮报》10月31日报道,在印尼中爪哇省(Central Java),一只悲伤的小猫因过度想念过世的主人,竟然在主人坟前守了1年之久。人们甚至还可以听到它躺在墓地前哀号的声音。好心的路人为小猫提供食物和饮水,但它仍然不愿离开墓地,每天晚上在地上打滚,然后睡在那里。28岁的普雷伊诺(Keli Keningau Prayitno)曾尝试收养它,但它总是回到墓地,守在蓝色墓碑前。普雷伊诺说:“我以为它是流浪猫,想要帮它。但每次它都会重新回到墓地。”普雷伊诺说,通过调查,他发现小猫的前主人是一位老妇人,1年前去世。他曾跟踪过小猫,发现它有时回到曾生活过的地方,之前主人的孩子在喂它。吃饱后,这只小猫会重新回到墓地。普雷伊诺称看到这些画面让人感到十分忧伤,也显示出小猫与主人的关系多么亲密。相关的主题文章: