In autumn, the Russian Beauty – Sohu charming and attractive tourism in October, Russia’s autumn sky, all over the mountains and plains scenery, singing the main melody of the golden yellow. People who have not come, it is difficult to imagine, into a piece of vegetation as if overnight, presented in front of everyone is such a magnificent picture of ink. And forget to become reluctant to part a tour of this people’s pet phrase. Stroll in Russia in the late autumn, autumn nature brings people feel good and pleasant, have a kind of unspeakable happiness. At this time, if you can become a beautiful Russian girl in the accompanying autumn scenery and embellishment, it is excellent but the. We’ll meet, this idiom can be used on a school. Close your eyes and feel the autumn charming and attractive, enjoying the autumn chill autumn clothing upper body slightly, Tuosai birch forest in a daze, look forward to distant, autumn bright smile, life is the spring scenery, a well autumn sunshine girl, who is less brilliant female feelings, love in autumn相关的主题文章: