My cousin and I and my cousin Skywarp exposed secret secret exposure Skywarp netizen letter: summer teacher, hello. When I was young, I grew up wearing a halo, because I was a boy. My grandparents and parents have a patriarchal ideology, from my younger sister, Xiao qing. When I was five years old, my father took my sister back. Because my aunt and uncle long quarrel, eventually commit suicide because. The three year old sister uncle was abandoned, no adoption. In desperation, dad will take Xiao Qing home. However, my sister came to my house, and did not receive good treatment. From small to large, she has to do a lot of housework, memory, she was often scolded by her parents, because she always do not good. Primary school, every time after school, she will be the first home meal, put the chopped pig food. During the summer, her hands were covered with blisters, winter, her hand was swollen like Steamed Buns, covered with chilblains. In junior high school, she always washed a lot of clothes every weekend, do a lot of housework. In high school, less cost of living every month she’s poor, often with three or four irrigation jar dish to the school, have a meal. And I, do not have to do housework since childhood, every time after school to do homework at home, and sometimes want to help my sister to do housework, my parents always scolded me for nothing, said the housework is a woman to do, I should not intervene. When I was in high school, my sister cost two hundred yuan, but I had a total of $five hundred or six hundred. I don’t know how my sister came to live in high school for three years. Sometimes, I would give her one hundred dollars, she always refused to. I admitted to the University, it is rare to my sister, my sophomore year, my sister also admitted to the undergraduate, but she gave up the university. I asked her how stupid, she just smiled and said: brother, I don’t want to read, very tired. Later, I know that parents refused to send her to study, because the family burden. I think it’s a pity, but I can’t stop my parents’ decision. Especially the mother, she said: female dolls in a few years, it is necessary to marry out, read so many books? Isn’t it a waste of money? At that time, my sister wanted to go out to work, but grandpa and grandma in poor health, my parents did not have time to take care of grandparents, so let Xiao Qing at home to take care of grandparents. At that time, my sister wanted to make money, so she told my dad that I could raise ten pigs. This can take care of grandparents, but also at home to make money. In addition to sister have dozens of pigs, chickens and ducks, that year, the income of the family, because she doubled. The village people say my sister is really powerful. My sister is very good, although the old grandparents do not like her, but she has been very good care of grandparents. Sister later extended the ten pigs to the twenty pigs, she also tried to pack fish ponds. At the age of twenty years old, others are playing crazy, only she is studying how to make money every day. But the money I earned was taken by my mother. However, from then on my tuition, living expenses, is not a problem. I took part in that year, my father suddenly stroke, no income at home, sister said, you want to take the test, I support you! During my postgraduate study, my living expenses and tuition fees are for my sister. In my life, I feel I owe my sister too much..相关的主题文章: