Jewelry-Diamonds Diamond stud earrings are very popular and are also one of the favourite jewellery of women. And the reason of its popularity is that it goes well with everything whether it is your cocktail dress or your jeans top. Although it is expensive you can find at least one pair of diamond stud earring in wardrobe of every woman. Hence if you want to present something nice to your special women this Christmas then you can buy a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings. But before purchasing your earring you must remember this fact that it is expensive .pare to other earrings. But if you are not willing to spend so much fortune then there are few ways by which you can save your valuable money on your purchase. Buy your earring online The best way to save money on your diamond stud earrings is to buy your earring from online jewellery stores. Although there are people who are not .fortable with purchasing jewellery online but always remember that online shopping is very safe and convenient. But before buying your earring online you must make sure of their return policy and privacy policy. You must also make sure that the jeweller"s email address and contact number is displayed on the site. You must also consider the 4C"S of diamond to determine the quality of diamond. And make sure that the diamonds you are buying have been certified by HRD, GIA and EGI. Buy loose diamonds and set them in your own design Another way to save money on diamond stud earrings and engagement rings is to buy loose diamond and then set them in your own design. Loose diamonds are less expensive .pare to diamonds set in the setting. In this method you can choose diamond according to your specification and budget and then you can set them in your own favourite metal. By this you will not only reduce your cost but it is also good for those who have sensitive ears. For sensitive ears platinum is best. And you can select metal of your earring which is safe for your partner to wear. By purchasing loose diamond you can determine the quality better .pare to diamonds that are set in setting. Buy from wholesale jewellery shop You can also reduce the cost of your diamond stud earring by purchasing your earring from wholesale jewellery shop. These stores sell the earrings and other piece of jewellery at discount prices. Always remember that purchasing diamond stud earring is a good investment hence it does not matter that how you buy your earring. This is the only piece of jewellery which will never go out of style and your lady will love to have it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: