.puters-and-Technology If the situation in your relationship has taken a sudden turn for the worse and you believe your partner is .mitting infidelity, a cell phone forensic investigation is the perfect way to catch cheating partners. Professional experts in this unique field can recover deleted text messages and other important data. This can help when you want to catch a cheater that is engaging in an affair, when your teenager is messing with illegal drug substances, sending sext messages to their boyfriend or girlfriend, or if they are bullying other teens, and even if you are an employer that suspects theft has occurred with an employee. All you need to do is send an expert the Motorola CDMA cellular device that you suspect contains suspicious data, they will recover deleted text and other important data, and then you will receive a disk containing detailed information regarding the data that was found on the device in 48 hours or less. Below is a list of some of the deleted data that can be retrieved from a Motorola CDMA cellular phone: · Detailed phone call logs that include the duration and times of calls that have been made and received · Names and phone numbers of contacts · Date book · Device properties · SMS history of texts sent and received · Quick notes dump · Security information · File system It is important not to make the mistake of purchasing a SIM card reader that is available over-the-counter. It is virtually impossible to find a reader that works just right with specific cellular devices, and in many cases they end up .pletely destroying the very evidence that you were trying to retrieve. Experts in the field of cell phone forensic investigations that have equipment costing thousands of dollars even have to try several tools before finding the perfect match that works with particular cellular devices to recover deleted text. The next time you hear someone ask ‘how can I obtain text and other data from a Motorolla CDMA cellular device, it would be very helpful to let them know that there is a popular service available today for people wanting to catch cheating partners, that is actually the best investigative tool available. Experts in this field have the knowledge needed to recover deleted text and a wide range of other important data even if you have accidentally hit the wrong keys and erased very important data that you intended on keeping. Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman About the Author: 相关的主题文章: