Hot house prices rose sharply in the short term high leverage risks need to be vigilant against the hot property market high leverage risk families in the high price of leverage has become a hot spot in the current property market is an important feature of the high temperature. In the first half of the growth rate of individual housing loans significantly more than 16.6 percentage points on the basis of loans, in July the new RMB loans almost all personal loans for the purchase. The current hot city real estate market enthusiasm remains high, land prices rose a record refresh frequency is, the new house trading volume record highs, Shanghai divorce buyers in Beijing also staged "emergency room", which reflects the family added leverage of unprecedented enthusiasm, to lead to a high degree of vigilance. This year, China’s rapid rise in the price of hot cities in the short term, the market continued to heat up, not irrational. The world is too loose monetary policy environment, leading to long-term financial market interest rates continued to move down the center, including the housing, including asset prices provide a strong driving force for growth. The relative regional economic and political center of the unique and perfect social infrastructure endowment, making China’s hot city generally has the potential to attract foreign population, also created the foundation for market speculation speculative investment strength. Even in the hot city to restart the purchase, credit limit policy, the price of land prices did not stop, the new home turnover hit a record high, market enthusiasm is still high. According to the China Index Research Institute data, in August 2016, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price rose by 2.17%, up from the previous month to expand by 0.54 percentage points. Among them, the ten major cities in the secondary residential average price rose by 1.34%, up from the previous month to expand by 0.64 percentage points. Prices rose sharply in the short term behind the irrational plus leverage, need to cause a high degree of vigilance. At present, China’s real estate development enterprises average asset liability ratio is close to 80%, the scale of liabilities is still on the rise. According to WIND statistics, from May 2015 to 16 months in August 2016, the bond market for real estate companies have more than 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan of funds. The unprecedented increase in household plus leverage, the first 7 months of 2016, new loans of $2 trillion and 800 billion, about two times the total amount of new year in 2009. The current focus of social capital to the city real estate excessive concentration of loans in the table and table of various financing real estate development enterprises to compete for the most expensive land "project funding, as well as part of the family focus and leverage in high prices, are likely to form expectations of self realization cycle. Any significant fluctuations in prices of the hot city, or to the quality of assets of financial institutions has deteriorated significantly as the price, or require a larger funds to maintain high leverage levels, leading to the possibility of a "macro policy situation, increased equally difficult to go on or retreat" a substantial risk of economic and financial operation of the. Although China’s personal housing loans non-performing rate is much lower than other types of credit assets, financial institutions are held by high-quality financial assets. However, in the process of housing mortgage loan, the bank will often depend on the security margin of the mortgage loan, ignoring the verification of the authenticity of the borrower’s income and the analysis of sustainability. Practice in verifying the borrower’s income.相关的主题文章: