Hong Kong media praise, Hong Xiuzhu: embrace peace is only the development of the original title: Hong Kong media attention and praise for Hong Xiuzhu, "to embrace peace, development!" [Roundup] global network of Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang on the evening of October 30th at the Zijin Mountain in Nanjing Zijin villa hall met with China KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu a speech, Hong Xiuzhu said, the KMT could not be discouraged, the behavior of cross-strait peace and! Hongkong social commentary published in November 1st entitled "Hong Xiuzhu for inspiration, embrace peace is only the development of" the editorial article said that Hong Xiuzhu’s trip will be able to achieve the goal, one is to let the Kuomintang morale climb, two is in the support of the Kuomintang, continue to play an important role in promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Hong Xiuzhu’s trip will bring the greatest inspiration to Taiwan, that is: to embrace peace, there is development. The full text is as follows: Hong Xiuzhu said, "we often encourage their mo scattered groups, Hugh gray ambition". Why mention these two words? "Don’t deceive you here in Taiwan for one or two years, the Kuomintang election is encountering great setbacks and failures, under such a shock we often remind myself not to be discouraged". She said that, in particular, it is even more regrettable that the two sides in the past eight years, the situation is not easy to establish peaceful exchanges, today has changed. Hong Xiuzhu said that as part of the Chinese Kuomintang, we have to bear the responsibility of the people of Taiwan, that is, the connection between the two sides can not be interrupted, cross-strait exchanges must also continue. So why is this trip to mainland China? "I said it was for peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, for the mutual trust between the two sides, and for the hope of the two sides, not only for our generation, but also for our next generation is very important." One incentive for Kuomintang morale, the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the maximum willingness to put concise and to the point, this time to visit the mainland to speak clearly, Hong Xiuzhu said! We know that this weakened after the KMT defeat, to be outside, unable to get up after a fall A rout is like a landslide. feeling, we are very worried, worried Chinese Kuomintang came into history. The mood, the threat of disintegration, out of the disaster failure, overwhelmed the kuomintang. The discouraged atmosphere enveloped the kuomintang. Hong Xiuzhu at the moment of danger as party chairman, is to turn the tide, against all the odds, every little bit from the beginning, the most important work is to revive the morale. When the Kuomintang high-ranking officials walk away, she had to pick up the lost remnants, starting from scratch, is too hard. To give up the Kuomintang, as party chairman will have indomitable spirit. This, no one else, Hong Xiuzhu has! We have seen in the eyes. We also know that the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is the KMT’s most important achievements, peaceful development is the consensus of all walks of life in Taiwan, is the common value across the blue camp dispute. The pattern of cross-strait peace, the KMT has been in power for 8 years to fully demonstrate their ability to maintain and be able to promote. Now the ruling party in Taiwan is not able to maintain the status quo on both sides of the peace, is still unknown. Now more and more people in Taiwan are worried about the peaceful development of cross-strait relations 3相关的主题文章: