Hong Kong International Airport to create a full range of intelligent Airport – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in November 2, the Hongkong Airport Authority held 2 Hong Kong International Airport in 2016, science and Technology Innovation Conference & Exhibition, with a full range of intelligent Airport – mechanical operation application "as the theme, focusing on the Hong Kong International Airport to enhance the operational efficiency of mechanical operation, while providing a platform for the airport industry, to help improve the work flow and enhance the passenger experience the latest automation technology and solutions. Hongkong SAR government innovation and Technology Secretary Yang Weixiong said that innovation is the key to improving the efficiency of airport operations. Hong Kong International Airport has been an excellent platform for cultivation, so that scientific and technological achievements and innovative ideas to try and landing implementation. Yang Weixiong said, Hongkong logistics and supply chain management application technology R & D center in cooperation with the Hongkong Airport Authority, the development of RFID baggage handling system, the use of networking device to enhance the baggage tracking and delivery service. R & D center has developed a radio frequency identification and response code reader system, so that passengers can print luggage tags at home for their own check-in procedures. Application of these innovative technologies to help reduce the province’s processing time in the aviation registration counters, allowing passengers to have a more comfortable boarding experience. The Hongkong Airport Authority Chief Executive Officer Lin Tianfu said, in the past few years, the Hong Kong International Airport will be active automation technology applied in different operation category, the use of automation technology examples include cleaning robot, and used to check the runway and flight area ground lights mechanical devices; in addition, it will be applied to the airport customer robot research service. Lin Tianfu said, the future plans to machinery and automation technology comprehensive, simplify the passengers in the airport formalities, let visitors enjoy easy and convenient journey; the use of biometric technology, face identification technology through the passengers to check-in by the registration procedure more convenient; with the help of X optical instruments more advanced, the security check of passengers and crew the more simple and fast. A total of 16 companies to show a variety of airport machinery operation and application of automation technology in the exhibition, including mechanical clothing can make warehouse and baggage handling staff within the safe lifting, so that they can require a lot of manual handling work. Other new technologies include a mechanical vision system that helps to filter the baggage on the conveyor belt, and an automatic radio frequency identification (RFID) marking system for labelling the luggage. Hongkong logistics and supply chain management application technology R & D center developed an automatic radio frequency identification system. Zhang Weiming, the project manager, said that foreign luggage came to Hongkong, need to label, to turn around the world. The baggage size, shape, degree of hardness is different, have been manually labeled, can be judged by how much effort, posted on what kind of place, but now the baggage number very much, manual processing becomes difficult. The new system through learning, accumulation of experience, you can determine how to paste the best, and through the air pressure label, no damage to the luggage. Zhang Weiming said that the new system can be affixed to a label every second, 2)相关的主题文章: