Health A .puted radiography system, also known as CR systems, is a type of unit used for digital medical imaging. As the price of all .puter technology has dropped in recent years, so too has the price of a .puted radiography system, thus making smaller clinics take another look at this popular imager, because prices have be.e affordable for every medical budget. One of the reasons why CR solutions are so popular with medical clinics starting out with digital medical imaging is that the radiology equipment you currently have can be retrofitted with CR equipment. Because of this, a medical clinic can start small and inexpensively, and if desired build up the system as the budget allows. If you need a mobile imaging option for your medical practice, you will find that there are certain CR systems that have been designed for mobile use. These allow you to take images of patients who are unable to .e to your office, and if the system is tied to a wireless Internet service with a laptop .puter, you can also transmit your digital images from the field back to your home office for further diagnoses and consultations, thereby saving time while providing better patient care. Instead of using film, CR units use plate readers and phosphor screens. The image is captured on the plate and made digital, after which it can be enhanced and viewed on a diagnostic monitor. With a PACS system installed, the digital images can also be archived, backed up offsite for disaster recovery, and if a web-based PACS is used, the images can be sent over the World Wide Web to your local or wide area networks, or on virtual private networks for consultations with physicians located anywhere there is a workstation with Internet access. Another benefit that .es with CR solutions is that they are some of the smallest in equipment size. Space is at a premium in every medical facility, and so equipment offering a small footprint is much more user friendly in a busy medical office environment. .puted radiography units can be utilized by those in a variety of practices. Pediatrics, orthopedics, emergency, intensive care, veterinary and others find that a CR system can meet their needs at a price that works with their budgets, with prices starting at five hundred dollars per month. For superior digital image quality and the speed of digital imaging, consider a CR unit for your medical practice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: