High school students suffering from severe disorder anemia parents want to donate marrow to save son to focus on high school admission, one family immersed in time of happiness, she and her husband prepared to give his son to celebrate. September school, just to experience the life of a month of high school son was diagnosed with acute severe aplastic anemia, he can only leave the beloved school to the hospital for treatment. In order to save his son, and her husband decided to sell the house and donate bone marrow to his son, but 4489 yuan operation fee for them is equivalent to astronomical figures…… Mother said: "it is difficult to save his son, we are still waiting to see him go to college, get married and have children……" The son said: "I will come back to the beautiful campus!" Boy suffering from acute aplastic anemia yesterday at 1 pm, outside the snow began to melt, the 15 year old son lying in a bed near the door, wearing masks, eyes closed, and open eyes look to take care of his parents, and then close your eyes rest. "Mom, I’m thirsty."." Weiwei said. 43 year old Han Xiaoning picked up a bottle of water, cold water to his son’s mouth. Put down the bottle, Han Xiaoning turned to pull the quilt and put his son’s arm into the quilt. Although after lunch a little, but there are still people downstairs to buy back from lunch, Han Xiaoning said: "these days are relatives to send some food, we just one, in order to save money to cure his son, his dad and I sometimes have Steamed Buns pickles, sometimes one day without eating or hungry, think lively healthy son every day now lying on the bed, my heart is bleeding……" Said Han Xiaoning’s tears running down his cheeks to his neck. Han Xiaoning, who lives in Dandong City, Yuanbao District, when she was working in a pharmacy, "a month is 1700 yuan, his father work in a school in Dandong, can earn 2000 yuan a month, although some hard life, but a family of three is happiness." In July 2016, senior high school entrance examination results came out, winkeycat test well, not long after, the key high school admission notice down, "the day of our one family are immersed in the happy time, ready to give his son celebrate." By chance, Han Xiaoning found his son’s urine is very yellow, like tea." Subsequently, Han Xiaoning took his son to a local hospital for examination, began to be diagnosed with acute hepatitis pathogen undetermined, we lived in the hospital for more than a month, feeling almost recovered to go home." September, Han Xiaoning took his son to the hospital review found that the son of the disease did not heal, then we came to Shenyang to check. At the beginning of October, my son was diagnosed with acute severe aplastic anemia, at that moment, I feel the sky is falling, then the son just experience a high school life……" Parents want to sell out to save his son had never heard of this disease, Han Xiaoning and her husband, in order to save his son, began to access to relevant information on the Internet, while we inquire about how to treat this disease, while four to borrow money…… We had to hang up the Internet to sell……" Han Xiaoning once again didn’t control his emotions, "friends and relatives are tears brim over with tears, borrowed times, have not got enough surgery for children." Han Xiaoning said that his son is particularly sensible, because I know that the economic situation is not good at home, he worked hard at school, never in"相关的主题文章: