Hidden Wanfeng exposure: Vanke second platform surfaced? Retail into the pan – man? Sohu financial sources: state real estate (ID:Real-estate-Circle) along with Vanke’s ownership dispute, Vanke management seems to go to the crossroads of destiny. Held in August 22nd interim results conference Vanke, China Vanke management have become the focus of the outside world. Sun Jia, executive vice president of Vanke, said, if there is a future of the management itself is difficult to overcome the difficulties, then I believe we will understand the choices we make." Then there is that behind the occupation managers news leaked Vanke there is actually a larger Empire – – Wanfeng department. Die Zeit reported that Vanke management team not only in the management system from a partner mechanism, still operating assets to create a completely independent Wanfeng, stealth operation for 17 years, this is Vanke occupation managers posterior. On the "Wanfeng company and Vanke what relevance? " this issue, Vanke secretaries Zhu Xu responded that the Shanghai Wanfeng and Shenzhen Vanke enterprise stock asset management center (hereinafter referred to as enterprise stock center) 100% stake in each other. All of the shares of the company’s equity funds from the formation of the enterprise Vanke corporate assets, and as a listed company Vanke no attribution. Vanke does not enjoy corporate stock center, Wan Feng’s decision-making power, the right to dividend." However, the ownership structure and the history of Vanke Vanke and management should be a lot of contact with the trade unions. "Source: Vanke network communication screenshot Wanfeng control information management plan? The message of "Wanfeng" refers to Shanghai Wanfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Wanfeng"). According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system publicity, Shanghai Wanfeng was founded in December 24, 1999, the legal representative of Ding Fuyuan, the investment company Vanke Limited by Share Ltd trade union committee. Business information display, Shanghai Wanfeng respectively in April 2014 and September 2015 changed the directors and investors (equity) change. Board members from "Ding Fuyuan, Zhu Xiaobing, Guo Changyu" changed to "Ding Fuyuan, Zhu Xiaobing, Zhang?"; "Peng Xuebing" change "by the Tang Lu"; investors (equity) change from "trade union committee" Vanke Limited by Share Ltd "Shenzhen Vanke stock funds management center (hereinafter referred to as Vanke business). Vanke business was established in 2011 in Shenzhen city Industrial and Commercial Bureau the order for the purpose of public enterprise legal person, its assets and revenue eventually all for public welfare. Business center is an independent legal person shares, Vanke is not subordinate institutions, their names are containing "170000", because its purpose is, in order to form a management reform "in 1988 Vanke Vanke shares" and its derivative assets. Reporter query found national enterprise credit information publicity system, Shanghai Wanfeng holds 100% Vanke business. Thus the two companies all share each other, the formation of the title of the tail of the type of circular shareholding relationship, the two legal representative for the former chairman of the board of supervisors Ding Fuyuan. 2 Figure相关的主题文章: