Heilongjiang new prison inmates carry out mid family education activities – Beijing, Beijing, September 12 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Jie Peihua) in the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to alleviate the inmates Sze situation, new Heilongjiang Province Prison 12 days to carry out a new full moon full of love "as the theme of the family education activities, 54 relative to the prison inmates and prison staff to help inmates, better and faster to eliminate psychological pressure, relieve anxiety, and further enhance the transformation of confidence and courage. Heilongjiang new prison inmates carry out mid family education Jie Peihua photo the family assistance and education activities to 29 prisoners to their relatives in the form of flowers opened the curtain, then leading to the prison inmates and their families to participate in the help of the church to send holiday wishes. According to the new prison staff, carry out the family education activities, on the one hand to provide a meeting with relatives, reunion for more prisoners, allowing them to share the joy of reunion with relatives in the prisons in this special place in prison; on the other hand also hope that through this time the family education activities, let more prisoners the relatives of the prison management, education, transformation model and internal transformation of the environment have a more comprehensive understanding of, and understand the effect of the transformation of prisoners and spirit, and support and cooperate with the prison work, the family education play a role, give them cheer, cheer, encourage them to accelerate the transformation, strive for rebirth. Participate in the activities of inmates admonishing relatives have said that the education and education activities closer to the distance between relatives and relatives of prisoners, let the true feelings of fair and civilized prison management, show prison education "in the transformation of people" purpose, and that the future will be through the organization and education activities often in prison, prison support work. Heilongjiang new prison inmates carry out mid family education Jie Peihua photo it is understood that in recent years the new prison party to build a "great education" pattern as the goal, in the performance of education reformation. At the same time, and actively expand the social assistance channels, and constantly enrich the activity carrier, focus on innovation and education activities, not only in the mother’s day, the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the Spring Festival, etc. to carry out multi-level family education activities, also invited social art groups to show the prison, received a good education effect and social repercussions. Pay attention to the transformation of the strength of the family and the strength of the social forces combined with their respective advantages, the formation of education and transformation work together to lay a solid foundation for prisoners to return to society as soon as possible. (end)相关的主题文章: