He Jiong’s birthday happy family "waves do not forget the early heart broken rumors of public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: He Jiong’s birthday happy family gathered in the waves do not forget the early heart He Jiong sun shine happy family photo of Wu Xin Du Haitao sun Haitao photo Sina entertainment news October 28th morning, He Jiong [micro-blog] in micro-blog issued a document for the 29 year old Du Haitao send birthday wishes. He Jiong wrote: "love me"! Happy birthday! I knew you when you were a child, happy ten years later you are still a child, just become more powerful! I will always love you, love you more!" Where the teacher with the drying out of the picture, the five suspected members of a happy family bow in a circle for Haitao blessing. It is interesting to see a picture of a character on the wall of the room. It says: "do not forget the early heart", echoing with the He Jiong text. Wu Xin, we also send blessings. Although micro-blog is around zero issue, but a lot of fried owl friends. Comments area is full of blessing Du Haitao happy birthday message. Of course, there are some netizens exclaimed: "this is surging in the fast ten years, time flies, the next camp for 20 years, did not dare to imagine!" (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Gracetot) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: