Good morning let in Riverview Hotel – Chongqing rush about telling the news around spreading our Sohu every night tour the city lights, just wake up…… The movie "passing from your world" let Chongqing cents hot up too wonderful for words. This is a city with water and fire, the Yangtze River and Jialing River company, also have no rest seasons Hot pot spicy passion. You know, people not only straightforward character, and the river Jingyou deep feelings. Among them, the stunning Riverview Room is not only locals, but also the hearts of foreign tourists love. Since the Chongqing Residenz Hotel good morning free try to sleep activities, good morning Bird has received a congratulatory message sent back to sleep buddy. Have played on the value of the yen, personality, thoughtful good morning all kinds of confession. Sleep tester was a door that is wonderful music, electric curtains open automatically, feel good enough. Are the first side of the bath while watching the Riverview Room is large enough, it is too extravagant, ha ha ha. My sister is very hi. As the qiansimen bridge at night is really beautiful. Good morning decoration style is really good, especially good. The next time a foreign friend to recommend here ~ ~ must sleep tester Pi Dandan location Bang Bang Da, next to the top floor is out of Hongyadong, Kuixing Lou, the light also can be divided into minutes to see Monument for Liberation. Although living in Chongqing for so long, but not seriously felt Hongyadong night, took a lot of patches. Qiansimen bridge across the river with the Chongqing Grand Theatre is also very delicious. Can not help but sigh, our big Chongqing is really beautiful. Sleep tester Tracy first trip to Chongqing, because did not set the Riverview Room, so I chose the tatami room. Very quiet, there is a key machine Ma, very modern machine Ma above, meet what the smoke seckill. And her boyfriend after watching the night, Hot pot, go to sleep, the second day sitting on the top floor directly from the 9 floor, out of a large platform to go to the downtown Monument for Liberation, is really a good way to magic, jiaochangkou sat near the river cable car. I did not expect a day to feel the Chongqing so many classic features. Good morning, you deserve it. Sleep tester, hall is industrial retro, special love that a few paddles behind the front desk, I heard a good morning painted on their staff. There is a room deep green leather sofa, after their home to a. There are two types of slippers in the room, as well as hangers, and so on. After traveling to other places, as long as there are good morning is the first place. Try sleeping T ingT I am Yan value control, the husband is practical. It’s not easy to satisfy both of us. In the morning, I of the decoration layout, and the window of Riverview said OK, husband is very satisfied with the humanization design, such as wet partition, do not bother, and a warm reception, switch design, reading and other functions, can choose according to the light, thoughtful and environmental protection. The next morning and look forward to the encounter *^_^* sleep tester Christ Virgo as we all know, all picky. But good morning makes me very surprised, like the owner of it相关的主题文章: