UnCategorized HVAC firms have unfortunatley over the years acquired a negative reputation as the construction industry had. Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can lead to legionnaires disease so there is a danger associated with air conditioning installations. Often there is heavy ducting and vents which need to be installed at high levels of the premises. These factors and many more make choosing a professional .pany to carry out HVAC work highly important. With the dangers .e risks. If you are the person project managing the selection of the HVACR contractor then you will be fully aware of the importance of selecting a good reputable qualified and insured contractor. A good contracting .pany will not just adhere to industry regulations but also take on board re.mendations in a proactive way. In the UK we have the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and whilst it is not .pulsory to have a card the forward thinking firms insist that all operational employees have been awarded a card which demonstrates their skills and knowledge within their area of expertise. Accreditations will be held by the best .panies. Electrical services are backed up with the NIC EIC Approved Contractor accreditation. HVCA, heating and Ventilating Contractors Association is another which any .pany involved in the design installation maintenance and repair of heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration should be a member of. Health and safety policy – Reputable firms will have a .prehensive policy and larger .panies will have a specialist health and safety firm to administer control and regulate health and safety issues. This allows a contractor to actually guarantee that clients receive a service which is independently and professionally verified. A professional firm will be proud to clarify their Health and Safety policy, and how it is embedded within the .pany on a daily basis. Quality policy. Every good sizeable firm has one. A quality policy should demand that there is a quality management system which is being regularly and objectively being monitored and reviewed to guarantee a business .mitment to continuous improvement. Quality policies vary from .pany to .pany but the overall objective usually focuses on customer satisfaction. Environmental policy. This if available will outline .mitment to the protection of employees, neighbours, its environment and the public, by detailing the controlled measure it may have taken to eliminate potential risks arising from .pany activities. Often the following are included. Disposal of debris, disposal of oil, noise, dust spillage, smoking, weed spraying and many more. Drugs and alcohol policy. This will clearly forbid the possession of or the consumption of or acting under the influence of, or sale of alcohol or any controlled substances by any individual representing the firm. They may also have an occupational health management .pany working with them who will ensure regular screening. With any installation its important to cost in a maintenance contract. Ask about service levels. With process applications, operations cannot continue with a broken system and down time may be a lot more expensive that a good contract with 247 call out service. Some contracts will also give you a maximum length of time from reporting a fault to fixing it. In summary, find a firm who has the industry accreditations. The policies mentioned in this article are usually available to clients to see, or be told about. In the UK you may contact the .plaincy bodies for HVACR and ensure that the firms you are talking to really are associated with them. A reputable firm will want to provide the client correct guidance and ensure that you have all the facts before contracts are signed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: