Business A contemporary Christian musician, Geoff Moore, was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, United States of America on 21st February, 1961. Background: Geoff Moore’s father played baseball for a renowned club known as the Toledo Mud Hens. After quitting baseball, his father owned a steel production plant. Moore went to the Patterson Elementary in Michigan, from where he joined Brandon Schools in Ortonville, Michigan. Moore then attended the Taylor University where he explored his singing talent. Graduating in the year 1983, Moore befriended with Rick Florian who, later, became a lead singer of White Heart. Soon after passing out from the University, Geoff Moore got married and moved to Nashville, where he got his break in music industry with the help of Michael W. Smith. Moore signed his first contract with Paragon Music, which at that time was a .pany known to write songs for others. He also recorded a demo song for extra in.e. During his time with Paragon Music, Moore wrote quite a few hit songs, which came from Moore’s fellow Christian singer as well as a songwriter, Steven Curtis Chapman; Song like ‘The Great Adventure’, won the Dove Award along with the Grammy Award in 1992. Geoff Moore and the Distance During the ending decade on the 80s, Moore was able to record a few new albums with an eminent label known as the Power Disc. Geoff Moore wanted more from his career, therefore, he made a backing band, the Distance; this was the time when Moore was signed for the Sparrow. Geoff Moore together with Distance released their first album in 1988, titling it "A Place to stand". Further albums involve "Foundations" (1989), which they recorded for Sparrow Records and then the recording of "Pure and Simple" (1990) for Forefront Records. It was not until 1992 when they got their first exposure on Christian radio by ac.plishing an album, "A friend like you", which later led them to recognition; so much so that their next few albums would take the band to unknown heights. The albums like Ev-O-Lu-Tion (1993) and Home Run (1995) brought nominations for four Grammys. In this world, everything is set to expire; it was the year 1997, when Moore decided to break up the band and go solo again. Solo Again It was the year 1999 when Geoff released his debut album and another one in 2002 called "A Beautiful Sound". In 2005, Moore released a couple of studio albums individually in a breakdown of two parts called "Every Single One". His latest album was released in 2007, nominated for the Dove Award, in collaboration with Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown Records. Geoff Moore has now moved back to his home state and lives with his 2 sons, 2 adopted daughters and wife Jan, with whom he has been married for 22 years. Not many people do Christian music these days; however, people who do are not that famous in the world of the musicians. Geoff Moore indeed has made his mark in the music industry with his talent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: