Zheng Ge won the China International Youth Film Festival nominated for Best Actor for   – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Ge Zheng won best actor nomination China International Youth Film Festival recently, Chinese International Youth Film Festival launched the network movie competition finalists films list. The reality of the theme of the film "stop! Don’t run! ", won the" best director "and" best actor "," best supporting actor "three nominations, is famous for its hardcore niche of young actor Ge Zheng in the film, by virtue of hapless Gang brother distress perfect interpretation, nominated for Best Actor Award nomination. This is his second time to participate in the Film Festival Best Actor Award competition, its screen charm can be seen. Ge Zheng because of the explosion in the network drama "sin" as the "beast" Zhang Meng, into the public view, his sincere and pure performance as well as the image of male muscle, the audience left a deep impression. Stand still! Don’t run! "Is his first network film, the film comedy, suspense, adventure, gangster film in a body, tells the story of a gangster’s son autumn Rendong father’s ashes diamond to brother Zhang Wei (played by Ge Zheng) made into a ring, but unfortunately, the diamond is a named" Labrador swallowed stop "in the ring processing department, while the dog is inexplicably missing Zhang Wei, diamond carpenter, dog owners involved a gang. A series of in search of dog and diamond in. From a vicious child tough police to bad luck continued without losing the brotherhood of gangster brother, in "cat" and "mouse" role, Ge Zheng handle well. Although it is a standard for 89 years little meat, but his acting strength should not be underestimated. After he had new media in the Asian Film Festival, and the Taiwan modern theatre pioneer and famous drama master goldschatz teacher, and Academy Awards nominated Hongkong actor Ka Tung Lam teacher for the "best actor" award. The second nominated film festival best actor award, its performance has been recognized by professional accreditation. Ge Zheng graduated from the Performing Arts Department of Beijing Film Academy, and Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, etc.. He’s a warm heart, but resolute man. During the university to hone their own, moved to Guangzhou to the South China Sea Fleet in service for 2 years, retired after the return to school to continue their study, and will exercise a barracks in the hard-working style into the television show, the industry is a serious work, not afraid of hardship "ruthless role". The day before, he and Zhang Rui’s two collaboration, went to Russia to shoot a big suspense drama "Moscow criminal action", the play adapted Russian train robbery since the last century, create a great sensation, it is reported that the play will be shot in Moscow and Beijing, is expected to December. Ge Zheng in the play as a continuation of hardcore style, quite aspect. As the only country prefix Chinese International Youth Film Festival, film exhibition "movie Cenozoic, open image of youth force" as the theme, composed of three plate youth film exhibition, youth film innovation incubator and Sino foreign cultural exchanges Film Festival, mainly for movie theaters, but also concerned about the new power network).相关的主题文章: