Gansu silver workers: he saw a rape and murder suspect red women’s eyes strange – Beijing eighth murders where. Silver Industry School Gao canteen has been locked. Gao Chengyong let the Qingcheng town Gao clan shame. The Lanzhou morning post for figure original title: "he saw the red woman’s eyes really do not like" in mid 80s, the drama "Emei film studio hongyishaonu" film, this film also makes the red dress, red skirt moment on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian. At that time, the silver people will not think, a few years later, the "red dress" will become a terrorist term in their lives. Although so far there is no direct evidence that Gao Chengyong crime preference is "the woman in red", but from the beginning of June 1988, silver women dare to wear red, pink and other bright colors. Now, OPULENS "8? 05" series of female rape murder case cracked, silver people also broke the curse, dressed in a red dress of the women, again in silver street. May 26, 1988 17 at the age of silver, a white female worker aged 23 was killed in the silver district Yongfeng street home. The victim neck was cut, jacket is pushed to the breasts, upper body naked, a total of 26 stab wounds". July 27, 1994 14 when the silver power supply bureau of the 19 year old female casual workers killed in a single dormitory. The victim neck was cut, a total of 36 body wounds". January 16, 1998 16 witnesses found a young woman at the age of 29, Yang was killed in the silver district victory Street home, Yang was killed in time for the year of January 13th. The neck was cut, "naked upper body, there are 16 stab wounds, ears and head at the top of 13× 24 cm were missing". In January 19, 1998 17 when 27 years old silver water Chuan Road young woman Dengmou at home. The victim "jacket is pushed to the breasts, trousers were stripped to his knees, stabbed in the neck cut, the upper body has 8 stab wounds, left nipple and back 30× 24 cm were missing". July 30, 1998 18 when the silver power supply bureau employees have a daughter of 8 years old was killed at home. The victim, the lower part of the body, the neck is wearing a belt, perineum was torn and sperm detection". November 30, 1998 11 at the time of the company’s young female silver Cui was killed in the east of the silver mountain road. The victim neck was cut, the upper body has 22 stab wounds, naked, breasts, hands and genitals missing". In November 20, 2000 11 silver cotton mill 28 year old women Luo was killed at home. The victim’s neck was cut, the trousers were pulled to the knees, hands missing". In May 22, 2001 9 and 28 year old Baojian Railway Station Baiyin district nurse Zhang in Baiyin district water Chuan Road home was killed. The victim neck has 16 sharp injuries, and rape". 13:25 on February 9, 2002 year old woman Zhu in Baiyin District Taole photo相关的主题文章: