G20 Summit: China and the world win – International – People’s network of the upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou can be said to have a very important impact on China’s economic and social development. China is entering a crucial stage of comprehensive deepening reform, and now we and the world in all aspects of interdependence and mutual promotion, if the world economic environment is not good, China is bound to be implicated. The convening of the G20 summit will help to further promote the improvement and growth of the world economy. At the same time, it can create a better international environment for China’s further reform and development. The world economy has more growth, China will have more exports, more exports means more jobs, which is closely related to our strategic goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Specifically, the G20 summit held on China’s own development will have three benefits. First, the G20 summit will be held in China to further reform and opening up to create a more stable external environment and more dividends. G20 in the world economy has a unique or known as a superpower status, China as a developing country, which determines the future development of our closely related. Chinese domestic is to deepen reform, and we are through "The Belt and Road" construction of higher level of open development. So, from the two aspects of reform and opening up, we can get the bonus and benefits from the further development of G20. Therefore, the success of the G20 summit held in China, which is consistent with our domestic reform and development agenda is quite high, the benefits are obvious. Second, the G20 summit will bring benefits to further expand China’s overseas interests. Today Chinese "going out" is the very rapid increment and homely food. 2015, China has 120 million people go out, compared to the past, the most significant feature is that we have more and more enterprises to take the initiative to go out to invest in business. China has now become a big investment country, we have these investments out of the country, how to ensure their safety and reduce their risks, which requires the joint efforts of the international community. Therefore, China and the international community to build a future oriented investment, rules based framework to ensure the safety of investment in countries, China, of course, can benefit from. In addition, the G20 summit also stressed the need to further expand interoperability, in fact, is to focus on strengthening the construction of infrastructure. Infrastructure has a huge demand, it will stimulate investment. The infrastructure has always been China’s strengths, but also a very important part of China’s investment direction, with such a demand, our enterprises, funds will go out. At the same time, it also plays a positive role in the world economy. China benefit, Chinese enterprises will benefit, China’s people will benefit. Third, hosting the G20 summit will increase China’s voice and initiative in global governance. Because today’s China is a world of China, today’s China to show the responsibility and play a world power. China and the world is a community of destiny, China wants to develop, but also hope that the world better development. In other words, the world has a good environment in China相关的主题文章: