Market funds face tensions continued to remind the attention of the national investment risk contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor newspaper reporter Huang Bin Beijing reported tighter funding in October 27th, capital markets continue to appear tense situation, short-term exchange rate rose sharply, making the market worried about the funds will continue to face tight, so to reproduce the 2013 market situation. The reason for this is the main concern, there are similarities, such as the market has been on the central bank easing expectations, but the delay can not be fulfilled; the central bank for consideration of risk prevention (2013 – standard, the balance sheet financing), strengthen financial supervision, the marginal tightening monetary policy. However, the central bank did not return liquidity as they did in 2013, but continued net invested capital in the open market; the chief economist of the Central Bank Research Bureau Ma Jun also on the external finance into MPA assessment are described, currently not included. This shows that the market environment is not consistent, in 2013 the situation is difficult. Review twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter interviewed a number of market participants have said that funds face tight situation will continue, but it is difficult to cause a similar scene in 2013. In October 27th, the exchange reverse repo rate continues to rise, the Shanghai Stock Exchange overnight reverse repurchase bonds (GC001) disc at the close of 7.89%, rose to 18%, up 502 basis points, 2 day reverse repurchase bonds (GC002) the highest hit 9.30%, diving to 5.565%, compared with the previous day fell slightly; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange overnight reverse repurchase bonds (R-001) the interest rate at the plate rose to 15.778%, the 2 day reverse repurchase bonds (R-002) the highest rate reached 8.91%, both in diving. 7 days and silver in the morning 10 when interest rates soared to about 3.2%, the weighted average interest rate of 2.6624%, or more than 9 basis points. This funds tense situation has lasted for several days, Shibor is the 8 day in a row across the board. The digital market on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the capital side this week was tight, "Tuesday (October 25th) no sequel MLF, but hedged through open market operations; Wednesday (October 26th) to continue adding reverse repurchase funds did not ease, however. Today (October 27th) morning for Housong some money, but do not know will not be nervous again." Southern China, a bank trader told reporters. For funds continued tight, CITIC Securities fixed income research for I think there are four reasons: the financial contribution has been to the peak; foreign exchange continued to decline; the Phoenix EB (Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media group issued exchangeable bonds) will be issued in October 28th, "the issue of 5 billion yuan scale, is expected to 0.5% to 0.7% success rate and 20% of the deposit rate, estimated from October 26th to November 2nd there will be 2000 to 250 billion yuan of funds frozen mass"; finally, the bond market overheating under high leverage, stimulate the need on Liquidity相关的主题文章: