Fresh pomegranate juice: only for that red – Sohu and pomegranate, popular in the folk, because it means more happiness. In Chaozhou, the pomegranate tree, commonly known as safflower, every family has grown, Chaoshanese most widely, the most frequently used auspicious plants, can avoid the evil. Pomegranate fruit peel, which is like a sparkling gem, sweet and juicy, but is pomegranate seed too much, eat a mouth spit really trouble. There are always lazy lazy way, it will be pressed into juice, pomegranate seeds, disposable filter, sweet pomegranate juice really good drink, and then a light red, looked to have enchanted. [ingredients] pomegranate 1, cold Boiling Water 200ml [clean] pomegranate practices; extract pomegranate fruit; the pomegranate fruit into the cooking machine; add cold boiling water; electricity for 1 minutes; remove the juice cup, with a sieve filtration; filtered out of the pomegranate juice drink. [5] food juice pomegranate can choose slightly ripe fruit; fresh juice squeezed to eat. It is said that pomegranates cannot be eaten with potatoes. WeChat Sina micro-blog public number & fifth: the idle away in seeking pleasure相关的主题文章: