French media: disclosure to IS threatening the French secret war in Libya – Sohu news in new network on 25 February, the French media day ago, France is in Libya for a secret war, fixed bombing in Chile, ready to "hidden, even secret military action". At the same time, the French secret service agency is also in Libya. Local time 24 days, the French newspaper "Le Monde" in the two edition of full page to France in Libya in the title of the secret war, France disclosure weeks in Libya’s "secret action". According to the newspaper, "the French President Hollande’s line is based on informal military action in the face of the threat of the extremist organization" Islamic state "(IS)". "World news" further disclosed that the French special forces in the western region of Libya, some professional blog writers found the traces of French soldiers in the middle of this month. "World newspaper" added that the special forces appeared in Libya, these soldiers wearing French military uniforms, cautious action. "World news" also said that multiple information shows that the struggle with terrorists can hide underground military operations". These actions were led by the French foreign security agency. The French army has two kinds of investment in Libya, one is mentioned in the "prudent but the soldiers wearing the uniform of the action", the second is the French soldiers in action, but very subtle. Why did France launch secret military operations in Libya? Analysts said that this is because the international community intervention plan for Libya’s "empty" a few months, every time by the coalition government of Libya block. The Libya war ended in 2011, but the political situation continued to be turbulent. Now the Libyan parliament, in both a government the coexistence of the factions, armed conflicts, terrorist and extremist organizations took the opportunity to expand its sphere of influence in the Libyan territory. As a result, extremists on the one hand pushed forward into Libya, while Libya’s coalition government was unable to make a decision to invite international military intervention. But analysts pointed out, on the other hand, continue to exert military pressure on the Islamic state, there may be putting the Islamic state from the Libyan transfer to Tunisia’s risk, thus threatening further to southern European countries. Former French admirals have pointed out that the Islamic state has now taken root in Libya, which has a coastline for the first time. France was forced to make preparations for coping with the sea. Experts said that French President Hollande and former president Sarkozy to focus on the use of force in Libya, Sarkozy advocated overt military action, convinced that "everything is going to be the white world". Hollande pays more attention to the informal actions of special forces. The world newspaper quoted an expert as saying, "this is the sovereign tool in the president’s hands, which adds to the president’s action.". In an increasingly transparent world, the state must be able to do something that is not known to the outside world". France is now acting under such conditions. In some cases, France acts alone in the name of defending national interests, and does not need to inform the allies.

法媒:为应对IS威胁 法军在利比亚进行秘密战争-搜狐新闻  中新网2月25日电 法国媒体日前披露,法国正在利比亚进行一场秘密战争,在利进行定点轰炸,准备“隐蔽、甚至秘密的军事行动”。同时,法国对外安全局特工人员也在利比亚不断出没。   当地时间24日,法国报纸《世界报》在二版整版以“法国在利比亚的秘密战争”为题,披露法国数周来在利比亚的“秘密行动”。该报称,面对极端组织“伊斯兰国”(IS)的威胁,“法国总统奥朗德确定的路线建立在非正式军事行动之上”。   《世界报》进一步披露,法国特种部队出现在利比亚西部地区,一些专业的博客作家在本月中旬发现了这些法国军人的踪迹。《世界报》补充说,特种部队出现利比亚,这些军人穿着法军军服,行动审慎。   《世界报》还称,多方信息显示,与恐怖分子的斗争可以隐藏“地下军事行动”。这些行动由法国对外安全局领导。法军在利比亚的投入有两种情况,一种是前面提到的“审慎但军人穿着军装的行动”,第二种也是法国军人在行动,但十分隐蔽。   为什么法国在利比亚发动秘密军事行动?分析称,这是因为国际社会干预利比亚的计划“空喊”了几个月,每次都遭到利比亚联合政府阻拦。   2011年利比亚战争结束,但利政局持续动荡。现在的利比亚处于两个议会、两个政府并立的局面,两派武装冲突不断,恐怖组织和极端组织趁机在利比亚境内扩张势力范围。   如此,一边是极端分子大举挺进利比亚,一边是利比亚联合政府无法做出邀请国际军事干预的决定。但分析指出,从另一方面来看,继续对“伊斯兰国”施加军事压力,有可能会冒着将“伊斯兰国”从利比亚转移到突尼斯的风险,从而进一步对欧洲南部国家构成威胁。   法国前海军将领指出,“伊斯兰国”目前已在利比亚扎根,该组织首次拥有一条海岸线。法国被迫做出从海上应对的准备。   专家分析称,法国现总统奥朗德与前总统萨科齐对在利比亚使用武力的着眼点不同,萨科齐力主采取公开军事行动,深信“最终一切都会大白天下”。奥朗德更重视特种部队非正式的行动。   《世界报》援引一位专家指出,“这是总统手中掌握的主权工具,它增加了总统行动的余地。在一个越来越透明的世界,国家必须能够做一些不为外界所知的事情”。法国目前就是在这样的条件下行动,在某种情况下,法国以保卫民族利益的名义单独行动,并不需要告知盟国。相关的主题文章: