Foreign media: China aging will cause great impact on the world economic reference news network June 22 2 foreign media reported that along the Yangtze River upstream from about 80 km to Shanghai, nantong. In the streets covered with rows of ancient bungalows in Rudong County, the young people can not be seen. According to the Japanese economic news network reported on February 17th, Rudong county is a model of family planning policy implemented in 1980. The population over the age of 60 accounted for about 30% of the total, reaching about 2 times of the national average, walking in the forefront of the "old China". Li Mei, the 89 year old son who supports his legs, lives 70 years old, and Liu Fang, 81, who lives on a monthly basis of 2000 yuan, is deeply worried. "What should I do if I can’t move?"" Reported that China’s current labor force has begun to reduce, in 2015 1 years reduced by 4 million 870 thousand people, more than 60 years old population by 2035 is expected to reach 400 million. According to Japanese basic research, the statistics show that the total Chinese central and local social security funds in 2014 totaled more than 2 trillion and 600 billion yuan, increased to about 2 times in 5 years, accounting for nearly 2 of the general fiscal expenditure. Because of the surge in the elderly and the imperfect social security system, the financial burden of medical treatment will continue to increase in the future for two reasons. Reported that, due to concerns about the population explosion and food shortages as a "national policy" family planning policy track adjustment slow progress, China leadership in 2016 to allow couples to have second children policy, but then the children born into the workforce needs 20 years left and right. In addition, the view of family of urban residents has changed. The number of couples who have second children is 90 million nationwide, but half of them are over 40 years of age. The world bank predicts that China’s labor force will decrease by more than 10% over the next 25 years, or 90 million people". It is reported that the risk of long-term stagnation in the economy caused by a small population aging and population reduction has been demonstrated in japan. The aging of the world’s largest population with 1 billion 300 million people, the impact on the world economy seems to be difficult to measure. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" reported on November 15, 2015, although the mainland’s new second child policy will stimulate consumer demand, but its effect on the supplement of aging labor force in the past 20 years has not been able to show. The mainland labor force has reached its peak and will decline rapidly in the future. China is expected to overtake the United States and become the world’s number one economy within the next 10 years, but it is not clear how long the mainland will maintain that position. Compared with the aging workforce in the mainland, the United States continues to attract young people, including some of the best and brightest Chinese mainlanders. In addition to trade and investment, the report said, attracting global talent should also become an important part of the mainland’s "New Silk Road". Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

外媒:中国老龄化会对世界经济造成巨大冲击   参考消息网2月22日报道 境外媒体称,从上海沿长江逆流而上约80公里,就到了江苏省南通市。在布满一排排古老平房的如东县的石板街上,已经看不到年轻人的身影。   据日本经济新闻网2月17日报道,如东县是1980年全面实施的计划生育政策的模范。60岁以上人口占整体的约三成,达到全国平均的约2倍,走在了“老去的中国”的前列。支撑腿脚不便的李梅(89岁)生活的是70岁的长子,而依靠每月2000元的养老金、一直一个人生活的刘芳(81岁)深感担忧,“如果走不动了,到底该怎么办才好呢?”   报道称,中国目前劳动力已开始减少,在2015年1年里减少了487万人,60岁以上人口到2035年预计达到达到4亿。据日本日生基础研究所统计显示,中国中央和地方的合计社会保障经费2014年总计超过2.6万亿元,在5年里增至约2倍,占一般财政支出的近2成。   由于老年人激增和不完善的社会保障制度两方面原因,医疗等带来的财政负担今后将继续加重。   报道称,因担忧人口爆炸和粮食短缺而定为“国策”的计划生育政策的轨道调整进展缓慢,中国领导层2016年转向了允许所有夫妇生育第2个孩子的政策,但随后出生的孩子成为劳动力需要20年左右。此外,城市居民的家庭观也已经改变。 能生育第2个孩子的夫妻在全国范围内达到9000万对,但其中半数在40岁以上。世界银行预测,“中国劳动力将在今后25年里减少10%以上,即减少9000万人”。   报道称,少子老龄化和人口减少给经济带来长期停滞的风险已被日本的例子证明。拥有13亿人的世界最大人口大国的老去,对世界经济造成的冲击似乎也将难以估量。   另据香港《南华早报》2015年11月15日报道,虽然内地新的二胎政策会刺激消费需求,但是其对补充老龄化劳动力的效果在近20年内还无法显现。内地劳动力人口已达到峰值,未来将加速下降。   报道称,中国内地预计将超过美国,在未来10年内成为全球头号经济体,但是目前尚不清楚内地能保持该地位多长时间。相对于内地劳动力的老龄化,美国仍继续吸纳年轻人,包括一些最优秀、最聪明的中国内地人。   报道称,贸易和投资之外,吸引全球人才也应成为内地“新丝绸之路”的重要组成部分。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: