Focus on farmers out of poverty: human and medical consumption accounted for half of total consumption of farmers – Beijing, poverty alleviation, don’t forget the "water conservation" (a perspective) between wisps of poverty and the surrounding environment, I’m afraid not b.. Get rid of poverty, to increase revenue at the same time, but also try to make money not easily won, as much as possible in the hands of farmers have long ago, a friend back to his rural home in nephew’s wedding, back about this piece of news: to the woman’s home, the nephew of wedding day, according to the custom to give the woman’s parents offered 8 pounds 8 two hundred dollar bills. 8 Jin two hundred 8 dollar bills? For an ordinary farmer, I’m afraid she had used the. My friends and I shook their heads. Thought that this is the case, then in the newspaper and saw a similar news: a farmer in Shandong, over sixty years, relying on hardworking, this has had a comfortable life, but because the two sons were married, and owed a "famine". A few years ago, the eldest son married, the woman asked to buy a set of two rooms in the county, more than ten million to buy a car, plus 3 pounds 3 two hundred yuan (100 thousand yuan). In order to get old son daughter-in-law, a bite, meet the woman’s condition. Shortly before the second marriage, the bride price more…… Helpless, the old man had to sell his house. For the debt, and a migrant workers. In fact, not only is the bride, the other human burden, also lie in the way farmers out of poverty. A few years ago, I have conducted a survey on this issue in a county, in addition to weddings and funerals to treat, there are numerous names of farmers is not the erosion of "fullness" purse: a child is 10 years old, 16 years old, 36 adults and 48 years old, 54 years old birthday to treat; children admitted to the school, the university should treat around doing more; the dead, 35 days, 49 days, the anniversary must engage in a. Every Lunar New Year three, six, nine, weekends, the capital of the month was a treat. With "good" days, some families a few people to score several speeding. A family of thousands of dollars a year can not fight. Receive an invitation, a lot of people repeatedly complained: "the ticket" has received! I asked some farmers: "why, why?" Answer: "all the neighbors, bow to see the rise. You have a gift, do not send you home, neighbors will be despised." So, he was caught in a vicious cycle. I give you a gift, then find a nominal money back. A villager reluctantly said: "a holiday, I would like to hide. The old society yangbailao holidays creditors, I now is the holiday to eat to hide." I have done statistics: farmers human consumption and medical consumption, accounting for half of the total consumption of farmers! Poverty is not easy, let "consolidate deficient results, do not return, more exposed to wind and rain" is not an easy thing! There is relationship between wisps of poverty and the surrounding environment, I’m afraid not b.. These years, along with the national financial strength, less has become the consensus of the whole society, like the last century in 80s and 90s that "3", causing farmers returning the fund-raising quotas have become less and less. At the same time, in order to prevent the "poverty" because of poverty "" Yinzai returning)相关的主题文章: