Female graduate and mentor contradictions fall dead jumped about many times before want to drop out the original title: Harbin Institute of Shenzhen graduate school, a girls fall dead to deep 14 days repeatedly wants to quit   Ye Sihui was born in 1994 in Tianjin outstanding college admission to the Graduate School of Harbin Institute of technology Shenzhen. September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival, the day she left the world, the police initially identified as dead. From her to Shenzhen in September 1st to fall dead, just over 14 days. Ye Sihui cousin introduced, she saw from the school monitoring, September 14th at nine fifty-six in the evening to go out of the dormitory, six minutes later in the building on the ground floor, and then has not appeared in the seventeen. Cousin Ye Sihui quoted the police as saying that the leaves are at 3 am on September 15th. According to its cousin, because it is recommended in the first half of this year, Ye Sihui in April to hit the Shenzhen graduate school graduation, she does not love that "during the research direction, and put forward to change direction by the tutor said." In September 3rd, Ye Sihui and a classmate in the conversation, she said with no worries, "feeling the possibility of following the original mentor," and even made it clear that you want to drop out of school. Two days later, Ye Sihui of the students said, "today in her class, more tired heart, didn’t want to hear, feel the rhythm to fail the exam. Change a (Mentor), but she had to take her class." For the above statement Ye Sihui family and classmates, Harbin Institute of Technology Research Institute in Shenzhen has not been confirmed. Her sister advised her to continue to learn, but Ye Sihui said he "cannot learn, IQ is not, I just want to sleep, I have depression, how to do, I just want to escape from here, feel without a single success." Before the start of the August 23rd, she and her roommate roommate also revealed the idea of trying to drop out of school, and parents tried to say, but my parents still determined to let me read……. I feel that my confidence is indelible light, denying himself more and more, and now think about their own nothing." Ye Sihui’s father, Ye Yiwang, told reporters that a few days before the incident, his daughter and his family on the phone, said he did not want to read again, want to drop out. Nanshan police said the preliminary determination of the leaves fall dead, other circumstances are under investigation. As of press time, the no response. (reporter Gu Kaigui photo reporter: Xu Wenge) source: Southern Save Save responsibility editor:相关的主题文章: