Fashion editor V.S. female star, who save money first New York fashion week began in the streets, wearing the most fashionable clothes in addition to coffee star, there are many fashion editors oh. Stars have sponsorship, clothing bags shoes for free. The fashion editor well, the income is not particularly high, they in order to catch up with fashion, have to spend a lot of money! With this question, just to see the fashion website editor Aemilia Madden recently made a small editorial survey – in order to catch up with fashion, how much do you spend a month? The results of the survey are: most editors spend an average of $250 per month! Only 1600 yuan, the pro, you sure no wrong? And then see the average cost of each single item in the editor, only to understand you this is a money saving model ah. New York fashion week 2017: Victoria Beckham soft sexy velvet is not only fashionable when it comes to edit, and save money, the female star is scheming! We compared to fashion editor V.S., female star, who is very careful in reckoning fashion primer T ~1 model, fashion editor average budget: $40 a. They believe that at this price has been able to buy a satisfactory T-shirt, such as $35 a piece of Everlane, and $45 a piece of Madewell. The female star’s budget is almost two times higher. For example, recently a lot of people wearing white base is Are You Am I T, Rylie Baby Tee, $79. The gray T-shirt, they like the brand is THE GREAT. Rosie the woman $95, Elmar Luo skirted $135, small fresh long and short in front of US $145. 2, jeans fashion editor average budget: $163 a. They often buy jeans at this price, such as $158 ‘Levi’ s, and $185 a Rag & Bone (). In contrast, the actress’s fashion budget still high. Golden sister has been wearing jeans mostly from Re Done, basically $264 a, but also close to $300. This brand of loose straight pants very red, the United States and Kerr have to wear. Le Mix Jeans jeans net red sisters also wear Frame Denim like a swarm of bees, $449. 3, sports Leggings fashion editor average budget: $78 a. They will buy a $70 Nike, as well as a $75 Outdoor Voices. Actress Leggings generally around $100. Rosie sister is wearing a $95 Nike, Alessandra Ambrosio wear $110 Varley, a small fresh wear $103 Alo. 4, sports shoes fashion editor average budget: $110 a pair. They purchase a pair of $110 and $120 a pair of Adidas, Veja. In this one, the actress’s pre!相关的主题文章: