Mother gluttonous naughty golden week premature infants increased significantly this golden week, the birth of the baby are also unwilling to remain out of the limelight rush out "holiday," Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter yesterday from the Wuhan municipal maternal and child health hospital learned that, as of press time during the period of eleven a total of 161 babies born preterm infants, many of which are. Hankou’s 30 year old mother, Miss Yang, has been pregnant with twins for 34 weeks. Think of the child after birth, there may be no time to go out to play, Ms. Yang this long holiday and her husband drove to other places to play. Unexpectedly in the morning of October 3rd there is bleeding, the family quickly returned to Wuhan, the night into the Wuhan maternal and child health care hospital, premature birth of a pair of boys, fortunately, mother and child peace. According to the Wuhan municipal maternal and child health hospital obstetrics chief physician Zhou Yan introduction, the National Day holiday, come to visit the maternal premature mother increased significantly, on the one hand due to the holiday eating relatively irregular life, cause disorder, appear symptoms of preterm labor; on the other hand, stepped out of green, but also easily lead to premature fatigue. Zhou Yan said that during the eleven period almost every day to deliver a pair of twins, the evening of October 3rd is the birth of 4 pairs of twins, of which three pairs of preterm birth.

准妈妈贪吃贪玩 黄金周早产儿明显增加这个黄金周,胎宝宝们也不甘寂寞,急着出来“过节”,楚天都市报记者昨从武汉市妇幼保健院了解到,截至发稿时十一期间共有161个宝宝诞生,其中不少是早产儿。汉口30岁准妈妈杨女士怀了一对双胞胎,已经34周。想到孩子出生后,可能就没有时间出去玩了,杨女士这个长假就和丈夫自驾去外地玩。没想到10月3日早上就有出血情况,一家人赶紧返回武汉,当晚住进武汉市妇幼保健院,早产一对男婴,幸运的是母子平安。据武汉市妇幼保健院产科主任医师周燕介绍,这个国庆假期,前来就诊的孕产妇当中早产的妈妈明显增多,一方面由于假期饮食相对不规律,导致生活紊乱,出现早产的症状;另一方面,外出踏青、游玩,劳累也易导致早产。周燕主任说,十一期间几乎每天都会接生一对双胞胎,10月3日晚更是接生了4对双胞胎,其中三对早产。相关的主题文章: