Quasi mother appear these symptoms, there may be diabetes during pregnancy – Sohu maternal diabetes mothers will have what kind of performance? This is a matter of concern to many people. Expectant mothers only know its symptoms in order to find the disease earlier, early treatment, then we’ll look at it. 1 a little more than three, polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss. If you lose weight, you should consider whether you have diabetes. Because the new mother every day to eat almost every day, and fetal development, mother’s weight will increase. If this time the new mother’s sudden weight loss would have to consider is not suffering from diabetes. The cause of this phenomenon is that although new mothers eat nutritious food very much fill the body every day, but the body inside the lack of large amounts of insulin, glucose in food are hardly absorbed, therefore can only let the fat supply heat, protein into glucose frequency is also increased. Therefore, carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body has been consumed by the human body, so the mother will feel their own physical fitness, light weight. 2 new mothers with diabetes symptoms and hyperemesis gravidarum. Don’t confuse the symptoms and pregnant mothers, diabetes is sometimes vomiting vomiting, or severe nausea. If vomiting is severe, dehydration and electrolyte disorders can also occur. 3 new mothers with diabetes susceptibility to fungal infection, especially genital infection. Because mothers suffering from diabetes, resistance will decline. The vulva is a relatively weak place in the human body, if infected with bacteria will cause a lot of abnormal vaginal discharge, so that the vulva is always the tide. If the patient does not pay attention to daily cleaning, will cause genital itching, severe cases may also lead to skin allergies or dermatitis vulvae. 4 new mothers are easy to fatigue in patients with diabetes mellitus. Glucose absorbed by the body can not be fully utilized and the rate of catabolism increases, the whole person will feel very tired. If you suspect that your mother had diabetes, may wish to compare the symptoms mentioned above to see, but the safest way to go to the hospital for the relevant inspection, so early detection and early treatment. — — — — — — — — — — — more fetal education knowledge, maternal fetal education encyclopedia, please download the "mobile phone music box App for fetal education"相关的主题文章: