Everbright Bank building mobile financial ecological system before the new China, in 2016 ten "Internet plus bank" ranking, China Everbright Bank Chinese by virtue of the "development concept of openness, cooperation and win-win", rely on innovation in "customers, products and channels" three dimensions, China selected ten "Internet plus bank". What makes this company in the field of Internet banking is not an early start to get public recognition? With the continuous development of mobile Internet and smart mobile phone further popularization of financial services has not only counter and cash transactions, but in the mobile terminal into life, widely and deeply perfect life service solutions, the construction of mobile financial interactive life circle. Future mobile terminal is a bank outlets, commercial banks almost all financial products and services can be quickly delivered to customers through the mobile terminal. It can be said that the mobile terminal will be the ultimate channel for banks to provide financial services." General manager of China Everbright Bank Electronic Banking Department, said Yang Bingbing. In the banks in-depth layout of the mobile banking, occupy the strategic highland, by virtue of this concept, China Everbright Bank Chinese has to create a comprehensive mobile financial services convenient, safe, interactive, fun ", including mobile phone bank, WeChat bank, Yuri Huang payment, mobile payment and other terminal application products, establish the mobile financial platform" based on "mobile payments", "mobile life" and "mobile community", "mobile marketing" as the direction of the "one plus four" new mobile financial ecosystem. Mobile phone bank: easy to "control" from the perspective of Life Everbright Bank mobile phone localization services, cross platform integration and cooperation resources, build "Le Kang beauty" the integration of service resources, allowing users to easily access to financial services in the life experience, to achieve financial services to upgrade the overall service life. To realize "touch fingertips, mobile financial services at your fingertips" experience. Up to now, the number of customers has exceeded 25 million Everbright mobile banking. With the location of the user where the city, the precise localization of mobile phones to promote the localization of limited time special events, to create a financial expert on the side of the intimate service. Recently added a personalized information push function, providing free, real-time debit card accounts, credit card bills change notice notice to customers. In addition, convenient transfer, value-added financial support interbank credit card payments and other functions, Everbright Bank also launched a mobile phone e application, ETC application of sunshine two kinds of new business models, users can use fragments of time directly through the online debit card, ETC card to complete the application operation, stay at home and enjoy the card function. In addition, the Chinese mobile phone banking in the life of the service sector plus the purchase of a wonderful shopping mall, appointment registration, payment and other functions of life, greatly facilitates the user’s life. At the same time, in the home head figure added various financial and lifestyle promotions, complete page is embedded in the popular product purchase entrance in the mobile phone banking transactions, the convenience of customers purchase the best products. Mobile payment: an important brand of mobile phone full coverage of   rich scene of the rapid development of mobile payment industry,.相关的主题文章: