Workplace-.munication Employee monitoring is a necessity for todays Internet-based workplace. Since the Internet can effectively improve employees efficiency and provide more convenience with users to search and share materials, it has be.e a powerful aider on workplace. However, the misconducts or abuse of the Internet during working hours may lead to great loss for the enterprise. Employees may use the .pany resource and time to do things unrelated to work, or the some employees may leak .panys sensitive data and information via the Internet out of intentional or unintentional misconducts. The former situation can lead to low productivity and efficiency of employees and the latter condition may result in data leakage which will directly lead to .panys economic and reputational loss. In order to improve employees productivity and efficiency and to ensure .panys data security, the admin of the .pany can use enterprise .puter monitoring software to manage and control employees .puter activities. Now many .panies choose to monitor employees on LAN. Since employee monitoring can to some extent help administrators of the .panies manage employees Internet usage and show admin the employees performance during working hours. In addition, employee .puter monitoring can protect .panys assets- data and information from being leaked by employees. You can find much employee monitoring software on the Internet. Most of the software allows manager to track the whole team of employee’s internet activity. This software helps manager to know what employees have done on .puters and some software even allows you to know what employees are doing on the .puters. The employees monitoring software with .prehensive functions can tell employers who is surfing the Internet, who is now processing files, and how he/she is processing with the files, whether theres someone chatting with friends on IM tools, etc. Employers can know and then alert the employees when they are found browsing sites irrelevant to work. Employers dont need to stay with employees all the time, what they need to do is to sit in front of his/her .puter and then get all information about employees .puter activities from the screen. Meanwhile, employee monitoring software with .prehensive functions allows employers to block some certain sites or applications on employees .puters. The restriction of sites and applications can prevent employees using .panys resources to do things unrelated to work. Besides, you can also use this software to disable USB port use, which can reduce the possibility of data leakage. But in my opinion, disabled USB port may lead to inconvenience to employees who want to take work home to fulfill. At the mention of .puter monitoring software , many employees will .plaint about the privacy issues during the monitoring process. Yes, its definitely a problem for both employers and employees. Employers are advised to make specific regulations about .puter use and .puter monitoring on employees hand-books, and all employees should be informed of the monitoring action. In addition, .pany should assign specific persons to monitor employees .puter and the logs collected by the software can only be seen by supervisors or specific persons. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: