Emmy Award winners list of main Sherlock hiddleston has earned – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to foreign media reports, the sixty-eighth American television Emmy 18 local time in California Losangeles lively debut. Hollywood stars to walk the red carpet dress up, but in New York after an explosion around the site security upgrade awards. Shake Sen and Hugh uncle at the same time, so that thousands of female fans do not know where to put a time. Emmy, as China audience are familiar with the "God", "summer game: a song of ice and fire" and other series of gains, but previously nominated TV movie nominated for best actor in the three well-known actor "Sherlock Benedict," Tom Hiddleston, "old Tom" white "Blaine Cranston were lost to the black actor Courtney Vance, missed the awards. It is worth mentioning that, won the best comedy actress Julie Louise – Zhuo Buddha is the fifth time won the award. The following is the main award winners: Best Drama Drama: "a song of ice and fire: a game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones) best comedy series: "vice president" (Veep) the best drama actor: Malik Lamy (Rami Malek) – the "hacker army group" (Mr.Robot) for best drama actress: Tatya Anna Mars Lanny (Tatiana Maslany) – "black orphan" (Orphan Black) best comedy actor Geoffrey Tambor (Jeffrey Tambor) – "transparent family" (Transparent) best comedy actress: Julie Louise – (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) – Zhuo Buddha "vice president" best drama actor: Class – Mandelson (Ben Mendelsohn) – "blood" (Bloodline) for best drama actress Angle: Maggie Smith (Maggie Smith) – "Downton Manor" (Downton Abbey) best comedy actor: Louis Anderson (Louie Anderson) – "clown dream cradle" (Baskets) best comedy actress: Kate wheat (Kate McKinnon) Jinnong – "Saturday night live" (Saturday Night Live).相关的主题文章: